Welcome to Pangaea, traveller.

Welcome to the Pangaean website – if you are unacquainted with our shard and wish to learn more, we have written you just some of the things that we offer you, as a player, when you join our community.

  • A well working counselor system, to handle all game related questions.
  • A friendly and helpful environment from both players and the staff.
  • An excellent class system, giving everyone a place here, which also avoids demi-gods.
  • A good combination of RP and PvP, giving everyone a chance to do their favourite thing.
  • A very active staff, ensuring you all the help you want, when YOU need it.
  • A large number of unique scripts and an ever-updating scriptbase!
  • A very good working merchant system, with tons and tons of items to create and explore.
  • An excess of ores, hides and other materials giving you all the diversity you would want.
  • A well balanced monster system, both loot and AI wise.
  • A large cleric system with many unexplored areas and rewards based on roleplay and effort.
  • A mage system, including both regular magery as well as Necromancy and Druidry.
  • A set of alternative magics such as barding and the combo character, the monk.
  • A good option to play rogue characters – stealing and snooping IS implemented.
  • Large number of small details, giving you many new experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the joining section and get yourself an account!


May 25th, 2020

Spider Dungeon

An enormous electrical storm filled Ilshenar’s sky last night. Early scout reports indicate that the energy was released from the ground in what seems to be a vile enemy attack, but their goal is still unknown. The expedition to find its origin was cut short by poisonous giant spiders. The place seems to have been […]

February 27th, 2014

The Lovely Serpent reopened

The opening night of the Lovely Serpent went smoothly, very few drunken interruptions at least. The ale was flowing, smokes were smoked, and even old enemies sat down for a pint together without any swords drawn. The entertainment was as good as anyone can remember: we had dancers,  singers and even some lawyers and their limericks on […]

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