At primary (100%) Magery, Resisting Spells, Tracking, Tactics, Wrestling, Camping, Anatomy, Meditation
At secondary (85%) Detecting Hidden, Enticement, Healing, Veterinary, Mace fighting
At tertiary (65%) Item Identification, Forensic Evaluation, Evaluating Intelligence
At penalty (40%) Arms lore, Animal Taming, Animal Lore


Maximum strength: 105
Maximum dexterity: 110
Maximum intelligence: 160
Maximum combined stats (statcap): 270

Stats required to join: Str: 50, Dex: 40, Int: 85
Skill required to join: Resisting Spells 55%
Either of these skills are required as well: Magery 65%, Meditation 55%

Using both Arcane and Divine Magic to its fullest in the service of his religion enables the monk to be unique in comparison to his other pious brothers and sisters. He has the knowledge to cast powerful Arcane spells whilst possessing the power granted him by his god. Whilst the monk can master the arts of wrestling, something that sets him apart from others in any field, it must be noted that should he wish to test his wrestling skills against foes, he’ll find himself most likely making a quick and timely retreat to bandage his wounds.