We are a free shard and we do not expect any money from our playerbase, but if you want to spare a coin or another, you are allowed to do so. Keep in mind that the word “donation” describes an act of giving without expecting anything in return. All donations will go to the benefit of the shard. With donations we can updgrade server hardware and server connection.

We accept donations with Paypal. Send your donations to

Donor Recognition Program

Donations of €10 – Character restoration
As of the posting of this announcement, individuals who provide a donation of €10 will receive the option of having one previously-deleted characters restored. Players wishing to explore this option should first contact Ares and Irming through a private forum message – including relevant account names, character names, skills, classes, etc – in order to determine whether a character may be restored. The GM team will then confirm which characters could be restored, at which point the player can provide the donation and the official request for character restoration. Once donation has been confirmed, the characters can be restored.

A few notes:
– This will be skills/stats only and does not include any equipment/piety/guild affiliations that the character may have had.
– Characters that have been deleted by GMs due to illegal activity cannot be restored.
– We cannot provide a guarantee on the time it will take to check for availability or restore characters, as in some cases it may be necessary to review data that has been archived or may be corrupted.
– The player account must have sufficient empty character slots to receive the restored characters.
– There will be no refunds for any reason, as this is still a donation and not a purchase.