Forum rules

Out of Character forums
  • No cursing.
  • No flaming or disrespecting other members. If you have differing opinions, express them maturely.
  • No links or discussion of illegal stuff (warez etc).
  • No excessive spamming.
  • Try to stay on topic.
  • No abusive language or attitude towards the staff. There are people who aren’t 18 playing here and we dont need foul language all over.
  • If you have an issue, with a case handled IG, then page a GM privately. Starting a thread about something you feel you shouldn’t have been jailed for or marked for is not needed.
  • Posting IG (In-Game) pictures to mock other players, may it be their RP, actions or accidents – is not allowed.

In Character forums

  • All posts MUST be written in character.
  • No smilies or OOC signatures.
  • Disrespecting only through roleplay (e.g. opposing religion members debate)
  • Out of character debates or hatred DO NOT belong to In Character forums.