Cult of Tekstone

Dennac is the name of their Orders deity.

The Head Priest’s name can be found on their altar.

Tekstone is operated from the city of Wind. The Cult opposes Order of Nature. They allow all classes, but merchants and druids, who are their natural enemies. Their official Order color is black and the Head Priest holds the dye tub.

Members of Tekstone have a huge ego looking down upon the rest of the world, as it is eventually going to crumble. They are the Chosen. They plot to demise of the world and create chaos to bring Armageddon. While they are not strong upfront as Law is due to the natural laws of that realm, they use alternative methods. Their methods of chaos are often the use of propaganda, destruction of the land and fear tactics. If they win, they will be the benefactors of the aftermath and gain eternal glory.

Plague and deception are their force. Through blight and sickness they can create gloom and doom, the fall of morale in the people and the faith in their gods. With this all will wish for the end and that is Tekstones purpose.

Dennac corrupts certain people at birth and through life they come to understand their calling, to be a cultist. Some have a greater calling, while others don’t make the cut. The world of Sosaria is a world that Gaea created and through hatred of Gaea’s prosperity, Dennac wishes to see it fail. He is forced to abide by some formal laws of this realm/world, so he uses her creations against her. The Cult of Tekstone were promised greater things in Dennac’s “void”, much like martyrs, should they complete his task. Some go with it for power while others go with it out of a natural evil instinct. Members of the Cult are a rare sight to the public eye, as they choose to live in darkness instead of light.