About the Religions and their practices

On Pangaea, one of the very important things for the shards dynamics are the religions.

Religions or “Orders” as we like to call them, are player run and they play a very big part in the world. Below are common and general info about religions and specific information on the religions/orders current existing.

To become a member of a religion, the applicant must swear the religions orders and and laws. The applicant must also give up any current guild to join one of the religions. When a cleric uses the sacrament indoctrination, Priests, Monks, Knights and Rangers joining a religion will by default have their piety set to 10 (see below for more info on piety).

Any other class, but the specific denied (look under religion descriptions) will still become a member of the Order but will not have the ability to browse a tome, or any other cleric reserved action. A powerful cleric can promote by using indoctrination once more, his members and grant them more piety, but only to a certain point.

Holy Tome

The Canon/Tome is a holy book containing sacraments, rites and rituals. It is filled with mystery and there are many goodies inside, that you, the player, need to find yourself. It can be compared to the spellbook of a mage, however your ability to use it depends on your skill in meditation and your piety. A canon will after creation (use transformation) and beatification (the rite), contain 8 sacraments and the orders rituals. After creation, a fellow cleric can teach you rites by using the sacrament called revelation. 24 different rites with different usage can be taught. The power of rites are again based on piety and meditation. Some rites are so difficult to cast that a single cleric can’t cast them alone. The sacrament concentration will allow a fellow cleric to supply you with his power, making rites more powerful and some even possible.


The piety scale ranges from 10 to 60, where 60 is an extremely powerful cleric, almost godlike. The Head Priest is granted 60 piety. Others Priests and Monks can gain normally up to 40 piety. The Head Priest may request 50 piety to fellow Priests or Monks, if they have gained their piety normally through the altar from 10 to 40 and have at least 284 days in a religion. A 50 piety request is sent to the GM’s and the GM’s vote, if the requested player deserves more piety. Priests and Monks with 50 piety are considered as exceptional roleplayers, active and they must have status in their religion. Knights and Rangers may recive a total of 40 piety.
Piety timers can be read from here.

If you need more info about this, ask other players, page a counselor or contact a member of the staff. This guide only covers the basics. We like to see you struggling to find out the good stuff.

Existing religions on Pangaea

Order of Law
Order of Imperial
 Order of Nature
Cult of Tekstone