.Dot commands

Commands for counselors

Counselors, who are players helping by answering questions from you, can use these abilities.

.gms[text] This command will let you broadcast messages to every Counselor, GM and Admin online.
.msg t Send a message to targeted player.
.page Check for counselor pages, they can be answered by using .msg.
.ooctalk This command allow you to ask players, politely, to roleplay.


Commands for players

.arm Usage is .arm [1 2 or 3]. The default is .arm 1. This command will arm whichever weapon/shield set is assigned to the number chosen. The weapon and shield may be in any container in your pack.
.backstab Can only be used when you are in stealth mode. Will let you backstab a person.
.changepassword Changes your password. Just use command and follow instructions.
.consider Gives you a status on your current murdercount situation.
.count Allows you to see how many toplevel and total items are in a container.
.disarm Will remove your weapon/shield; .disarm [1 2 or 3] will assign what was disarmed to the number (see .arm). “.disarm bag” will allow you to designate a container.
.grab Will loot your own corpse into your lootpack. .grab 2 will ask which bag to loot into. “.grab bag” will allow you to designate a lootpack.
.flip This will flip an item. But not all item are flip able.
.move Will ask you to select an item and a container. It will then move all the items of that type from the container it is in, to the container you choose.
.online Will show you a list of all the people online.
.options Lets you set “sell”, “job” and some new “sound” options
.reg Lists the number of reagents, bandages, arrows, potions, etc. that you are currently carrying.
.countfocus Lists the number of foci that you are currently carrying.
.reply Will send a message back to the GM or Counselor, who last sent a message to you. (useful after a macrocheck, or other msg’s a GM)
.undress Will move everything you are wearing into your backpack.
.mayday A gump appears. You can alert all online members of Law or Imperial to the crime scene. It’s purpose is to give Law or Imperial a chance to help people during a robbery. This command should be used when you’re being robbed or attacked by known murderers (reds) – not when you’re killed by a monster, being attacked by plague (for this use .plaguealert) or if you see a murderer passing by.
.plaguealert A gump appears. You can alert all online members of Nature to the crime scene. It’s purpose is to give Nature a chance to help people fight against plague.
.use Usage: .use [text] ‘text’ must be: bandage, lheal, heal, gheal, anyheal, lcure, cure, gcure, anycure, refresh, frefresh, dagger, lockpick or vault.
.granthouse Will let the head priest of a religion change the ownership of a house administrated by the religion (only the head priest can use this command)
.checkmail Checks if you have any mails (in game mail), mail are automatic checked when you log on.
.lastsong It will let you play the last song you played, using the last instrument you used.
.changeemail Creates a gump, so you can check or change your email address.
.where Gives you your current X, Y and Z values (location), useful for reporting bugs at a location.
.statcap Will show you your statcap, and other stat related infomations.
.point A message will appear, above the object or location you select, saying *’name’ points here*
.hunger Use it to find out how hungry you are.
.fall A message will appear above your head *falls*, and a faling animation will be performed.
.lockem Will lock all container within your reach if you have the key.
.unlockem Will unlock all container within your reach if you have the key.
.forum Will open Pangaea World – Forum in your browser.
.resignfrommyguild If you want to resign from your guild and you cannot find your guildstone, just use his command. There is a delay on 30 minutes, so stay online when you have used it.
.myclass Gives you information about your class and/or baseclass
.vote Open your browser ex: .vote 1 to .vote 8 If you only write .vote it will take 1 as default.
.web Will open your browser at www.pangaea-world.dk
.halt Should be used before engaging in PvP if your intended victim is running.