Game Masters

Conversations with a Game Master
Conversations where to a Game Master shows himself (In-Game master form of course) are treated completely Out of Character and you don’t need to use brackets. GMs will only interfere when something is interrupting the gameplay. We will show ourselves as little as possible to avoid interrupting the roleplay. We do not expect you to address us with “Sir” or “Mister GM” etc, but we do expect that you speck in a polite and peaceful manner, treat us with respect, and remember that we’re using our free time to help you. This is not a paying job. Disrespect towards a Game Master will NOT be tolerated, no matter how mad you are about loosing your items etc. Taking it out on us will only worsen your case. Breaking this rule will most likely result in a mark and can easily cost you a few days of jailing time.

When a Game Master makes a decision about a dispute that aren’t any rules about, his words are just as valid as any rule written in these rules. We will of course listen to your arguments, but when we make a final decision we expect you to follow this weather your agree 100% or not.

When to page a Game Master

  • If you are physically stuck, i.e. a hole in the ground or another map error.
  • If you experience something you believe is a bug.
  • If you want to buy a house or some land, that is not deeded.

When NOT to page a Game Master

  • If you are stuck dead or alive at some remote island
  • If your question goes under the “When to page a counselor”
  • If you have a desire to get a new name