3rd party programs

Use of any third party program, script or tool for the purposes of looting players or NPC (Non Player Characters) is expressly forbidden. For purposes of ease with regards to your own corpse, use the command “.grab” which will quickly loot your own corpse.

Use of any third party program, script or tool that allows a player to do things not normally possible within game play parameters is expressly forbidden under any circumstances. Punishment for those caught breaking this rule will be swift and severe.

Examples of known violations of this rule are as follows:

  1. Running faster
  2. Altering the default light level of client
  3. Fast looting

Forbidden Programs:

  • Razor
  • Injection
  • YokoInjection

Use of any of the programs listed as forbidden will in most cases lead to the banning of the account when caught.

EasyUO may be used within limits, there are many scripts out there for it and many more written and submitted to our forums, if not clear from the initial statement regarding looting programs, scripts or tools; any script that involves looting is expressly forbidden and when discovered will be swiftly punished.