The Mage Profession

Why Choose a Mage?

This is the class that is the archetype of the classic mage many of us have read about in books or played in other games. The Mage class is the most proficient when casting spells from the standard 8 circle spell book many of us long time Ultime Online players know and love. Whether you’re slinging that Energy Bolt across the screen or sending your 4 summoned elementals toward your unsuspecting foe, a Mage is quite powerful.

What Skills to Choose?

Resisting Spells – 50%
Magery – 30%
Meditation – 30%

Seriously? Magery at 30%?

Yep, fear not, Magery is not very difficult to train, Resisting Spells on the other hand is tedious and annoying to train. While you can sit within town training Magery, Resisting Spells requires you to head into the great wilds of Brittania finding the right caster mobs to cast on you to raise it. In the long run, you will want to start with Resisting Spells at 50%, don’t be the player who decided late in their character’s life that they should have started with a higher Resisting Spells.

What Stats to Choose?

Strength – 50
Dexterity – 10
Intelligence – 10

I’ve Created my Character, Now What?

You’ll need to make a bit of gold, the easiest and quickest way to do this is to visit the fields just outside Britain and begin harvesting crops. You’ll probably want to harvest wheat as you can then take the wheat into town and grind it into flour using the mill at Good Eats (located at 1460, 1610, 20) within Britain city limits. You can sell the flour off to the vendor within that shop for a few gold. You’ll want to accumulate a decent amount of gold and purchase a few things that you will need for training purposes, below is a list of items and services you will either need or consider:

  1. Spell book with 1 of each scroll for circles 1-3 of Magery which can be purchased from The Sorcerer’s Delight (located at 1488, 1572, 30) within Britain city limits. The total cost for this is 2184 gold coins.
  2. A bag of 200 reagents which can be purchased from The Sorcerer’s Delight (located at 1488, 1572, 30) within Britain city limits. The total cost for this is 6010 gold coins.
  3. You’ll want to vendor train in Evaluating Intelligence which can be trained at The Sorcerer’s Delight (located at 1488, 1572, 30) within Britain city limits.
  4. Find a player who plays a Scribe and try to secure at least a Scroll of Lightning, Scroll of Paralyze, Scroll of Recall and a Scroll of Mark. (The latter two just allow you easier travel, the first two mentioned are strictly for training purposes.)

How do I go About Training my Crucial Skills?

To join the Mage class, your going to raise some of your skills and stats to specific levels:

Your Stats Must Be:

Strength – 50
Dexterity – 10
Intellect – 75

Your Skills Must Be:

Magery 65%
Evaluating Intelligence 65% or Meditation 50% or Resisting Spells 55%

Training Meditation:

To train this you will want to visit The Chamber of Virtue (located at 1556, 1613, 10) within Britain city limits. There you will find an altar where you can sacrifice your mana, this will allow you to raise your Meditation skill to 40%. The reason why it is advisable to train this before Magery is that, as you train Magery, you will inevitably gain Meditation as you will use Meditation when you run low on mana to increase your mana regeneration.

After you’ve reached 40 in Meditation, the only way to gain Meditation for a Mage is just by draining your mana and meditating. So it is not necessarily the quickest skill to train but it will passively build normally as you train and play your Mage.

You’ll not want to neglect this skill however as it has many advantages to being trained to 100. One of these advantages is that it increases your chance to successfully cast a spell when your character is taking damage which can be easily seen should you ever receive the system message “Your skill in meditation helps you overcome the pain.” It also allows you to cast spells in more protective armor. For example, with 50% Meditation, you can cast up to 5th circle spells in bone armor, which offers mages the best AC mages can get. At 60% you can cast 6th circle, 70% for 7th circle, and 80% Meditation allows you to cast every spell in bone armor, which is your ultimate goal.

Training Evaluating Intelligence:

You’ll most likely want to train this skill to 65% as it is one of the three optional skills and the easiest of the three at that. It is recommended to train this next after training your Meditation to 40% as it will increase your intelligence which in turn increases your mana pool which will allow you to ultimately cast more spells before having to meditate when you start training your Magery skill.

20% – 35% : Yourself
35% – 50% : Yourself (after you’ve cast Bless on yourself)
50% – 55% : Banker
55% – 60% : Mage Guild Master
60% – 75% : Mage Guild Master (Blessed)
75% – 90% : Healer
90% – 100% : Healer (Blessed)

Training Magery:

Should you find yourself failing more often than not when transitioning to a new spell, you may want to cast the previous spell for a couple percent until you can reliably cast the next spell. One of the nice things about Magery is, once you have successfully cast a spell and the cursor changes to the target cursor, the skill check and chance to gain skill has already occurred, so you will want to hit the ESC key once you see the target cursor as it will return half the mana consumed back to you which will allow you to cast more spells before you’ll have to meditate.

20% – 30% : 1st Circle (Magic Arrow)
30% – 40% : 2nd Circle (Any Spell in this Circle will do)
40% – 50% : 3rd Circle (Poison)
50% – 60% : 4th Circle (Lightning)
60% – 70% : 5th Circle (Paralyze)
70% – 80% : 6th Circle (Invisibility)
80% – 90% : 7th Circle (Flame Strike)
90% – 100% : 8th Circle (Resurrection)

Any Other Important Skills I Ought to Know About?

Of course there is, Mages get a few fighting skills, these being Mace Fighting, Wrestling and Tactics. Mages also are able to train to 40% in Animal Taming which will allow you to safely make a little bit of extra gold should you be tired of harvesting crops.

Training Mace Fighting:

You’ll want to remember a few key things when training this skill:

  1. Be sure to be outside of the town guards IF you are sparring with another player.
  2. If you were sparring with another player, do not immediately run into town if your character is flagged a criminal (Character’s name is grey).
  3. When reviewing the weapon guide for training Mace Fighting below, remember you can gain off a weapon that is within a range of +/-20 of your current skill.
Weapon Training List
  • Wand : 10%
  • Shepherd’s Crook : 15%
  • Club : 25%
  • Mace : 35%
  • Gnarled Staff : 40%
  • Black Staff : 50%
  • Mage staff : 55%
  • Quarterstaff : 60%
  • Mage Staff : 70%
  • Training Staff : 86%

Training Animal Taming:

Locate a vendor at The Bucking Horse Stables (located at 1515, 1552, 25) to vendor train in Animal Lore and Animal Taming. This is a nice skill to have as it will allow you to tame your own mounts and at 40% you will be able to tame Llamas instead of the boring old brown horse for a little more class! Below is a guide to getting Animal Taming to 40%:

20% – 30% : Cow, sheep, chicken
30% – 40% : Horse, deer, wild boar

Guide created by Serinyal Dragaryon