We try our best to keep this shard free of bugs. If you find a bug, you are obligated to report it right immediately.

Report bugs by paging a Game Master In-Game. If there are no Game Masters online,  post to the Bug boards, located at Pangaea’s Forum.

  1.  Report the bug in-game to a GM, but remember it’s very important that you can r-create the bug. If the bug can’t be recreated, it’s impossible to fix.
  2. Wait until the bug has been fixed. Average fix time is about a week, but it can take longer if the bug is more problematic.
  3.  Please don’t page us about the progress of the fix, unless it has been more than 14 days and you have not heard a thing about receiving a bugdeed.
  4. When we have confirmed and fixed the bug, the GM you reported it to will either drop a bugdeed in your bankbox or give it to you in person In-Game

If you have any kind of inquires about the bug you reported, always contact the GM you reported it to. The only exception is, if the GM has been unavailable for a long time. Then you can contact any other GM.

We only give bugdeeds for bugs in a script, and only to the first player who reports the bug.

Abusing bugs whether they are new or old, is subject to a harsh punishment. This may include jailing/banning or stat/skill drop (if you were gaining IG advantages in form of stats and skills).

Bug rewards

When you report a scripting bug, which can cause abuse, we honor you with a bugreward deed. When you double click a bureward deed, you will receive a menu from which you can choose some rewards.

Bugreward deeds or items recieved from bugreward deeds are not to be sold.

Bug-rewards have 4 levels. 3 level 1 deeds can be traded for 1 level 2 deed, 3 level 2 deeds can be traded to 1 level 3 deeds etc.To trade these deeds you will need to contact a GM. Only deed can be traded, not the rewards itself (robes cloaks etc). Trading of bugdeeds is one way, meaning they can ONLY be traded to a higher level deed.