Q. My client crashes when I try to pick up a stack of items.
Q. My client crashes after I reinstalled UO and I reinstalled it on top of my old installation.

A. Close your client and any other UO related application (such as UOAM etc.), then delete the folder named ‘desktop’ in your UO. This will remove all your personal settings, macro etc. so you will have to set up all your settings again.

Q. When I try to log on I’m told ‘Couldn’t connect to Ultima Online. Please try again in a few moments’
Q. When I try to log on I’m stuck at “Connecting”

A. Open your login.cfg file (located in your ultima online folder) with notepad, and make sure it looks like this:

; login.cfg file for Pangaea

If that did not fix the problem, the shard is most likely down or you are not connected to the internet, check the Forum for infomation in case the shard is down.

Q. My map is all messed up.

A. Your map files (staidx0.mul and statics0.mul) are corrupted, it happens if they where in use when you ran the Pangaea Setup -Complete file. To fix it you need to make 100% sure the map files aren’t in use by any other programs, only way to be 100% sure is to restart your computer, and then run the Pangaea Setup -Complete, before running any other programs.

Q. My map is still messed up.

A. The Pangaea Setup -Complete must be corrupted, re-download it, restart your computer, then run the newly downloaded Pangaea Setup -Complete.

Q. I see a lot of items that other players don’t see on my map.
Q. I can not run up the stairs in despice to 1. level, there seem to be missing some steps (other dungeons too)
Q. The training ground is all empty, I can only see some training dummy’s and the archery bully’s.

A. You are not using the Pangaea map, download Pangaea Setup -Complete from the files section, close all programs associated with ultima online, such as UOAM and client.exe (No_Crypt_Client.exe), be sure you have closed the client all down and not just logged out. Run the Pangaea Setup -Complete.

Q. My colors are messed up, guard cloak’s, some items (ore, ingot, log etc) are true black or have a very strange color.

A. Your are not using Pangaea’s color file (hues.mul), download Pangaea Setup -Complete and run it.

Q. My colors are messed up, I’m using a 3D client.

A. The 3D clients can not show different colors NPC graphic (monsters), that why some monsters look the same. (Ice field Vs daemons, gargoyles, ore elementals etc.) There is no way to fix it, unless you reinstall and select 2D client when you install the game.

Q. I can not see the red buttons in the bard gump.

A. Your item file (verdata.mul) is to old, to fix it you must reinstall your ultima online, and run the uopatch.exe (located in your ultima online folder) to update all your game files.
NOTE. Uppatch.exe will NOT work after you have used complete.exe, you MUST run uopatch.exe BEFORE running Pangaea Setup -Complete.

Q. I have forgotten the password for my game account, how do I retrieve it?

A. Go to our website, and select Forgot shard password, and follow the instructions.

Q. I get an error when I try to retrieve my password from the website
Q. I have been waiting for me password for more then 6 hours now, still nothing

A. For some reason the website was unable to send you the password, please check that you have entered the correct information. If that was not the problem, the last way to retrieve your password is the contact admin Neon by private message through forums.
Send your account name to Neon or Boris from the email your account is currently registered with. For security reasons we do not send password for a game account to any other email, then the one registered on the account.

Q. I have forgotten my password, but cannot remember what email account my game account is registered with, how do I retrieve my password
Q. I have forgotten my password, but I don’t have access to the email the account is registered with, how do I retrieve my password?

A. Send an private message on forums to admin Boris or admin Neon, containing the following information: Your account name, names of all your characters, the class of all your characters, the skill of your characters and all the types of personal information that only the true owner of the account would know (if you have a special item in one of your characters bankbox etc.)

Q. When I try to log on it say welcome to Britania, but gets stuck every time and doesn’t go further than that. My other characters works fine, what can I do?

A. The problem is that you have logged off in a area with a lot of items (houses with a lot of decoration, in a field etc.). When you try to log on, the client messes up because it has to receive a lot of data.
First you should try to log on several times, usually you will be able to connect after 5-8 attempts.
If that does not solve the problem you need help from a GM. Log on with another character and explain the problem to the GM, then log back on with the “stuck” char, in order for the GM to move him/her. The GM can only move your character while you have the “Entering Britaina”, so don’t close the client right away. When your character is moved, log on again and you should be able to play.

Q. When I run the Pangaea Setup -Complete I get the errors “Cannot create staidx0.mul” and/or “Cannot create statics0.mul”

A. This problem seems to occur if there is a share-violation locally on your PC. Chances are that you can’t even delete those 2 files.
If normal windows restarts won’t fix it, you will have to start windows in safe mode, delete the files, restart windows normally, and then run Pangaea Setup -Complete again.

Q. I have tried everything, but I still have not been able to solve my problem.
A. The fastest way to get help, is by making a post on the forum, or you can send a message (PM or email) to one of the staff. No matter what option you select, you should supply the following information’s:
1. What version of the game did you install (see a list here)
2. What is your client version? (You can find the version at the bottom of the screen you enter username and password)
3. Any relevant screenshots, could be a screenshot of your client where is gives you the error, or an in game screenshot that illustrates your problem.
We would love to help you, and the more information’s you give us, the better/faster we can solve your problem.