At primary (100%) Anatomy, Parrying, Camping, Enticement, Tactics, Swordsmanship, Mace fighting, Fencing
At secondary (85%) Resisting Spells, Tracking
At tertiary (65%) Animal Lore, Item Identification, Detecting Hidden, Healing, Forensic Evaluation, Hiding, Archery, Veterinary
At penalty (40%) Arms Lore, Poisoning, Meditation, Remove Trap, Wrestling


Maximum strength: 150
Maximum dexterity: 120
Maximum intelligence: 80
Maximum combined stats (statcap): 265

Stats required to join: Str: 80, Dex: 55, Int: 10
Skill required to join: Tactics 65%
Either of these skills are required as well: Swordsmanship 60%, Mace fighting: 60%, Fencing 60%

Warriors can be virtuous defenders of those in turmoil, dauntless adventurers or that of a malignant brigand. A warrior’s main strength comes in with his expertise in all melee style weapons and with the good defense afforded him from platemail armor. His fortitude on the field of battle is impressive, through sheer will, he is able to recover from wounds quicker than most other classes. Do not be fooled however, he is no mere all rounder or jack of all trades, these titles project an aura of mediocrity and in the case of a Warrior, this is indeed not the case, he is able to swing a hatchet with the same deadly force that he would swing a heavy maul. The underestimation of a Warrior’s skill will ensure that many of those who do make this woeful error will not leave the field of battle.