Game questions

Q. I wish to become a counselor.

A. Whenever we need new counselors we will post on the general discussion forum, send us your application when you see this post.

Q. I wish to become a GM.
A. Whenever we need new GM’s we will post on the general discussion forum, send us your application when you see this post. Keep in mind that your player account will be deleted and all houses/item deleted set for sale. Make 100% sure you are willing to sacrifice all this to be a GM.

Q. How do I refresh my house, to insure it will not decay?

A. Whenever you (the owner) log off in your house, use a command or click the house sign, the house will be refreshed for 1 month. You can also use the “i wish to refresh this house” command to long-term refresh it, a long-term refresh will last for 3 month.

Q. Who created the shard?

A. This shard was programmed for the emulator tool Pen-ultima-online, referred to commonly as POL. Most scripting has been done by Repsak, various ideas and code samples were used, but none of them are exact copies and many new things have been brought into this shard. Before becoming staff members on this shard, yours truly, the Pangaea staff, played on a shard called Journey’s End. The scripting done here are not available for download anywhere and we have no plans of making them available.

Q. Who is running the shard?

A. Basically behind this are a few Danish computer geeks, who enjoy the aspect of UO so much that they decided to create a shard of their own. The shard itself consists of a server on a 6144/2048 kbit/s line. We started out on a 384/128 kbit/s upstream, but pretty soon learned that on quests and with 30+ players on, a better connection was needed.

Q. Is it totally free the play on Pangaea?

A. Yes, taking money or other contributions from players on this shard would not only obligate us, the Staff, but also the players who could make accusations of bribery – we decide over your account FULLY, that is why we do not want money and why we can be as strict as we wish to (though we hardly wish to, if you get it).

Q. What are my obligations?

A. Basic and civilized manners should be enough, in this we include reading and understanding the rules – speaking politely to anyone (unless of course you are in a RP situation, read rules for more on this) and also that you will respect any decision made to change the shard and it’s environment.

Q. My stamina drops even if I don’t move, and I’m not carrying much.

A. Your character is hungry, find some food and eat it.

Q. Some guards keep attacking/killing me even when I’m not a criminal.

A. Once a guard has seen you as a criminal he will continue to hunt you down, until your virtue is high enough, slay some monsters to increase your virtue.

Q. I lost some items that I had locked down in my house, why?

A. Can happen for 1 of 2 reasons, either you forgot to re-lock it down after you used it last or a friend of the house has unlocked it and used it (or maybe forgot to re-lock it down).

Q. An item is missing from a secure in my house, how can that be?

A. A friend of the house might have used it.
A. Someone knows your password and has stolen the item.
A. Secures will “spit out” items if they’re overloaded, usually the item will end up on the ground. The problem is that if you place an item in your secure by dropping it on the secure, the weight check is not executed right away. You can provoke the check by opening the container, but if you want to prevent this problem , just open the secure and drag and drop the item on the container gump. So our recommendations are to open the secure and place the item directly inside the container, at least until the problem has been solved.

Q. I’m dead – how do i get resurrected ?

A. There are several ways to get alive again.
When you are dead – you are invisible to other players or NPC´s unless you are in warmode
1. Find a healer – and enter war mode
2. Get resurrected by another player – again you need to be in war mode
3. Find a virtue shrine (they are in the woods and other places around the world – you need to find those yourself). Just go stand next to it, and you will be brougth back to life

Q. I have been jailed, and I think the jail time should be over now, why has my account not been released?

A. The jail will automatic release you when the jail sentence has been served. Do keep in mind that a punishment of 5 days, is 5 days game time, so in case of time warp or restarts, the jail sentence will not decrease. That means that 5 day jail sentence could mean jailing for 5 days and 30 minutes of real-life time. But no matter what the system will automatically release your account, so there is no need to contact a staff member asking us to release it.