At primary (100%) Item Identification, Cartography, Inscription, Meditation
At secondary (85%)
At tertiary (65%) Alchemy, Camping, Carpentry, Detecting Hidden, Enticement, Forensic Evaluation, Resisting Spells, Tactics, Taste Identification, Tracking, Tinkering, Mace fighting, Wrestling
At penalty (40%) Lumberjacking


Maximum strength: 90
Maximum dexterity: 110
Maximum intelligence: 150
Maximum combined stats (statcap): 250

Stats required to join: Str: 40, Dex: 30, Int: 50
Skill required to join: Inscription 65%
Either of these skills are required as well: Cartography 45%, Item Identification 50%

Whilst there are those who utilize the sword or dagger for their trade, the scribe utilizes the quill and ink well for hers. Through her knowledge of the written word, she is able to write and create books of immense power that bring even the hardened man to tears with subject matter that delve the dark depths of one’s heart and soul, though this is not her only means nor her primary means of influencing others. Her repetitive training in writing and language mastery has given her the ability to copy spells from ancient spell books and place them into new spell books which she can then sell off to novice mages and other magic users. Should she find herself in possession of one of the ancient Necromancy scrolls, she is also able to place those into the Codex Damnorum which some refer to as “the unholy tome of the necromancer”. Books and old parchment stacked around from her on every bare surface is where she is most at home but alas she is more than just a librarian, she is also able to inscribe mundane wands with ancient Arcane words to imbue them with various spells which can then be used by magic users for good or for ill. Many may find inscription to be a dull, insignificant profession, without the excitement of say a blacksmith, but without the scribe, a magic user’s full potential may never be reached.