Animal Tamer

At primary (100%) Animal Lore, Peacemaking, Camping, Herding, Animal Taming, Veterinary, Tracking, Mace fighting
At secondary (85%) Tactics, Swordsmanship
At tertiary (65%) Item Identification, Detecting Hidden, Enticement, Fishing, Forensic Evaluation, Resisting Spells, Archery, Wrestling
At penalty (40%) Cooking, Tailoring


Maximum strength: 100
Maximum dexterity: 100
Maximum intelligence: 100
Maximum combined stats (statcap): 250

Stats required to join: Str: 55, Dex: 40, Int: 30
Skill required to join: Animal Taming 65%
Either of these skills are required as well: Camping 50%, Animal Lore 65%

Beautiful creatures abound in the world, some offer nothing more than aesthetically pleasing features while others offer their master prowess on the field of battle. It has long been the ambition of many to have control over animals so they may harness the primal power an animal possesses, it is the animal tamer who is the antidote to this problematic endeavour. From chickens to dragons, an animal tamer once fully trained is able to tame many of the fauna who inhabit the world alongside us. A particularly popular type of animal a tamer would trade and sell would be those animals with which we can mount, from horses to llamas to the two legged ostard, these animals offer their master quick travel from city to city or haste when needed on the field of battle. Dragons, Wyrms, Unicorns and Nightmares are among some of the other animals most sought after as these are exceptional fighting beasts and can be used to smite down their master’s foe or protect the trade caravan as it makes its way from city to city. Animal Taming is by no means an easy feat to master, but should one do so, they would find it very rewarding.