Order of Imperial

Esuna is the name of their Order’s deity.

The current leader of Imperial can be found at the altar, located in Moonglow. The Order opposes Order of Law. All professions are accepted into the Order after an application has been completed and accepted. Members of Imperial are not allowed to have robber alts. The official color of Imperial is Esuna Orange.

Imperial strives to appease unfaithful souls through any means necessary. The main goal of Imperial is to gather power by-way of sieging cities, controlling natural resources, spreading their influence and teachings, conversion and other methods. Since societies of the world have traditionally been opposed to unification, Imperial has evolved to create a persistent realm, which can provide and fend for itself.

The followers of Esuna preach adamantly against being ruled by a king. Instead, the Order of Imperial has pried a realm for themselves that is structured in such a way that reserves a seat for a steward, normally held by Lord Blackthorne, to administer Imperial policy; in the absence of Lord Black, the Head Priest of the Order of Imperial resides.

The Imperium maneuvers too extend the boundaries of the realm and conspire tirelessly to manipulate the political landscape. The mercantile goings-on of Imperial always attract curious eyes and ire in equal measure. With the concentration and acceptance of all merchantmen into the fold, they labor to create a dominant market based system. Their words are: “We are the One True Faith!” Citizens living within the boundaries of the ever-expanding Imperial realm are referred to as, ‘The People’.

Reclusive and sometimes considered to be isonationalistic, their strategies and techniques are more often than not considered unorthodox and regarded with a measure of suspicion. Pious and judgmental, they consider all other religions to be wrong and thus do not generally associate with heretics. An enigma to outsiders, this religion will preach love and tolerance, but can resort to violent discrimination against those whom blaspheme their commandments, passed down to them by their Goddess, Esuna.