At primary (100%)
At secondary (85%)
At tertiary (65%) Anatomy, Arms Lore, Parrying, Camping, Cartography, Detecting Hidden, Enticement, Healing, Herding, Hiding, Lockpicking, Resisting Spells, Tactics, Snooping, Poisoning, Archery, Stealing, Tracking, Veterinary, Swordsmanship, Mace fighting, Fencing, Wrestling, Meditation, Stealth, Remove Trap, Forensic Evaluation, Item Identification
At penalty (40%)


Maximum strength: 85
Maximum intelligence: 80
Maximum dexterity: 80
Maximum combined stats (statcap): 200

As this is a baseclass, there are no requirements to join and you are forced to do so at creation.

The fighter is a description of a strong, robust and clever person – either by great skill and expertise in a weapon type, with deadly knowledge about poison or skill in healing the human body is this person able to bring deadly blows to his/hers opposers.