The Tamer Profession

Becoming a tamer

If you are reading this guide, the first thing you ought to know when deciding to become a tamer is that it is no easy feat. It is tedious, it is not a sit in one room and repeatedly use the same skills on a target. A good tamer will have many of their skills maxed as they can be useful. The taming skill itself is one of the tougher skills to train but, with hard work comes respect and riches so if one can stick with it and master the skills required to become an exceptional tamer, it will not be a wasted venture.

What Skills to Pick?

50 Resisting Spells
30 Animal Taming
30 Veterinary

Many tamers make the mistake of beginning with 50 Animal Taming, however, through experience we can tell you that it is better to start out with a higher Resisting Spells than it is to have that extra Animal Taming. Training from 30 to 50 in Animal Taming is not that difficult or slow.

What Stats to Pick?

50 Strength
10 Dexterity
10 Intellect

That 50 strength will help should you anger any of your subjects and they turn on you.

I’ve Created my Character, Now What?

Well the first thing you will want to do is to acquire some gold and the easiest way to do this is to hit up the fields in Britain and harvest the crops and sell them off to a vendor. This will increase your strength and hit points whilst not being a priority for the tamer class at this time, it will help keep you alive should an animal turn on you while you are trying to tame it. Once you have acquired a couple thousand gold, you will want to do the following steps.

  1. Visit Lord British’s Conservatory of Music (located at 1454, 1561, 30 in Britain), there you will need to find a trainer who will train you in Peacemaking and locate a vendor who is able to sell you an instrument of any kind.
  2. Locate a vendor who is able to train your character in Animal Lore, this skill is fairly crucial in being able to tame creatures.

How do I go About Training my Crucial Skills?

So you have to actually join the taming class, to do this you must raise your Animal Taming skill to 65% and Camping to 50% or Animal Lore to 65%. It is recommended if you want to join the taming class sooner rather than later to train Animal Lore and Animal Taming to 65% and ignore camping but fear not, if camping is the way you wish to go, there is an explanation on how to do so below.

Training Animal Taming:

Here is a small guide to training your Animal Taming, the animals within this list are mostly harmless but it would not hurt for you to find yourself some cheap leather armor or ringmail if you can wear it as you may encounter other hostile mobs out in the wilderness whilst taming. Taming gains will fine until you get to 50%. That’s where the fun stops and the pain starts, it gets even worse when you get to 60. But at 65 once you join the Animal Tamer class, it gets a bit easier… not too easy though. You should always tame the most difficult creatures. So, if you can’t tame something now.. Wait until the next tenth or fifth and try again.

20-30 – Cow, sheep, chicken
30-45 – Horse, deer, wild boar
45-55 – Brown bear
55-60 – Great hart
60-65 – Ostards

Note: You can not tame, release and then tame the exact same animal. It is advised, should you with to not want to keep the animal to try to sell it to a stable master as this will afford you a little gold for your time.

Training Animal Lore:

Here is a guide to Animal Lore, do note that you might discover alternatives to what is on this list, feel free to experiment. While taming creatures you’ll build animal lore and animal taming at a ratio of 20/80.

20-30 – Cow, Llama, Rabbit
30-50 – Horse
30-40 – Wild Boar
40-50 – Deer
50-60 – Shabooli Warhorse/Giant Serpent/Dark Brown Horse
60-65 – White Horse/Praetorian War Ostard/Frost Wolf/Shabooli Warhorse

Training Camping:

By using a dagger on a tree, you will accumulate kindling which when double clicked and you have a stack of 5 or greater, will create a fire at your feet. This is how you train camping, it is advised to train this skill while in war mode to prevent your character from being poisoned by snakes. It takes many kindling and is quite tedious to collect kindling unless you are able to find a carpenter to make kindling for you but this can be expensive if your main goal is to join the taming class as soon as possible. This is why it is recommended to train Animal Lore instead of Camping just to get in the class, Animal Lore is a definite need for tamers as it and Animal Taming are skills that play off each other.

Any Other Important Skills I Should Know About?

Indeed, there are two skills aside from the 4 mentioned above (Animal Taming, Animal Lore, Camping and Resisting Spells) that you as a tamer will want to train, one is Peacemaking and the other is Tracking. Peacemaking allows you to sooth a mob and perhaps give you enough time to escape or tame it and Tracking allows you to track mobs at great distances. Both these skills are fairly easy to train and below is a simple guide to training them.

Training Peacemaking:

Ensure you have some armor and a really weak weapon on and find yourself a spot with a lot of harmless mobs such as Headless Ones and remaining in Peace Mode, repeatedly use the Peacemaking skill. This skill is a fairly quick skill to train so there is really no reason to not train it to be honest.

Training Tracking:

Simply use the Tracking skill repeatedly, does not matter where.

Guide created by S’rhee and Eriania