Logging in

We provide you a complete package what you need to play from here.
No need for patching.
Pangaea supports only 2D client.

Normal connection procedure:

  1. Create a game account from the website. Be sure to read all instruction and do NOT attempt to create another game account should your first not work as you expect it. Read the FAQ instead and if everything else fails you’re most welcome to contact the staff for help.
  2. Download the Pangaea Setup – Complete from the website.
  3. Make 100% sure that all programs associated with Ultima Online are closed completely down (such as the client, uopatch, UOAM etc.) before proceeding.
  4. Run the PangaeaSetupComplete.exe (from any location), and select your Ultima Online directory when asked. It is VERY important that you select the correct directory, and not just hit the next button, since the default location in the Pangaea Setup – Complete is not necessarily the location you choose when you installed UO.
  5. A new client named ‘No_Crypt_Client_2d.exe’ will be created in your Ultima Online directory. Run it and insure the client version is at least 5.0.2g, if not, go to step 1.
  6.  To connect to Pangaea just enter your account name and password, in the ‘No_Crypt_Client_2d.exe’.
  7. When you create your first character, be sure to select the “ADVANCED” option instead of a pre-made class (e.g. mage, warrior etc). Otherwise you get stuck on “creating a character”.