At primary (100%) Evaluating Intelligence, Magery, Resisting Spells, Meditation, Mace fighting
At secondary (85%) Tactics, Tracking, Veterinary
At tertiary (65%) Item Identification, Detecting Hidden, Enticement, Forensic Evaluation, Herding
At penalty (40%) Animal Lore, Arms Lore, Spirit Speak, Animal Taming, Wrestling


Maximum strength: 105
Maximum dexterity: 80
Maximum intelligence: 150
Maximum combined stats (statcap): 260

Stats required to join: Str: 50, Dex: 10, Int: 75
Skill required to join: Magery 65%
Either of these skills are required as well: Evaluating Intelligence 65%, Meditation 50%, Resisting Spells 55%

The unintelligible words and strange, yet graceful gestures that Mages make are not purely stagecraft. A cheap parlor magician a mage is not, her immense understanding of the Arcane language and its many ancient runic letters is what enables her power and prowess. With a few words, she can conjure the most violent of earthquakes and from that same tongue offer up a spell of healing to her allies. Though she has not the understanding of the other Schools of Magic, she has an unsurpassed mastery of the arcane arts. On the face of it, the unsuspecting might look upon her as feeble prey, however strength does not always embody itself through physical actions.