Wedding costs

Wedding Costs: A wedding will cost the two people getting married a total of 70,000 gold coins. This will cover one thing:

Last name changed or added (your choice)
Besides this, you will have to find a person in the class Priest, who will perform the actual ceremony, bonding you together in holy matromony, or whatever kind of wedding you choose.

Should you wish for special decorations, it is possible to arrange this with a Game Master.

Here is a list of examples of additional possibilities:

  • A permanent gate to the wedding ceremony from where you choose, 5,000 gold coins.
  •  Wedding costumes can be rented for a price of 7,000 gold coins each, 1 piece per person getting married aswell as 10,000 gold coins per brides maid dress.
  • A special rented chest for gifts, placed at the wedding spot of your choice, 2,000 gold coins.
  • Wedding cake, with fresh iceing on the top,  10,000 gold coins (only for decoration the special day)
  • A Wedding Ring (named, coloured in any colour wished and newbified) 20,000 gold coins each.
  • Altar with decoration, 1,800 gold coins per tile.
  • The location will be found by you and approved by a GM.
  • Broadcasting of your wedding will be 5,000 gold coins.
  • We prefer you keeping in-game matters in-game, instead of spreading the news for you.
  • A stable master and a barkeeper for the day will cost 50,000 gold coins per vendor.

If for some reason a player wishes to get divorced, the cost of getting your old name back or removed will cost 60,000 gold coins. The name change must be changed on the boards. Also the rings must be returned with no refund.