At primary (100%) Anatomy, Camping, Detecting Hidden, Enticement, Lockpicking, Snooping, Stealing, Tracking, Fencing, Remove Trap
At secondary (85%) Parrying, Hiding, Resisting Spells, Tactics, Poisoning, Archery, Veterinary, Stealth, Wrestling, Healing
At tertiary (65%) Item Identification, Forensic Evaluation, Swordsmanship, Mace fighting
At penalty (40%) Arms Lore, Cartography


Maximum strength: 120
Maximum dexterity: 140
Maximum intelligence: 95
Maximum combined stats (statcap): 260

Stats required to join: Str: 75, Dex: 75, Int: 10
Skill required to join: Stealing: 65%
Either of these skills are required as well: Snooping 65%, Lockpicking 65%, Remove Trap 65%

Some argue stealing as taking the easy road in life. On the face of it, this might be true, but if one were to delve into the dark world of the thief, “easy” is a word not readily used to describe the challenge of becoming a successful, infamous thief. A thief, to be effective, must have a steady hand, any slight movement will alert their victim that their coin purse is in jeopardy. A thief must be able to observe and make mental note of regulars whom she might decide to prey on later, she is no mere robber, this is an art form, it is a dance of graceful swift movements, ensuring that her victim does not feel any movement in their packs and if the thief can keep her victim distracted through small talk or other distractions, the better her chances of pilfering items. When the tedium of absconding with her hapless victim’s items or gold becomes too much for her, the thief is an avid fighter and can pick locks like the best of them as well so even here she exceeds in finding someone else’s treasures, though in this case through legal means.