Class System

Pangaea has a fully functional class system that offers a diverse character experience. The class system’s intent is to avoid the promotion of poor role-play due to demigod like characters who would master the most powerful of the fighting, magic and crafting skills. The class system was created with a great deal of thought and consideration toward fair play and balance, nevertheless, should one find a profession missing or a profession lacking, it is advised to write out a clear, concise suggestion or bug fix and make it known to the staff.

There are five categories that skills fit into (seen below) that determine at what percentage they will gain and at what percentage they may cap at.

Skill Categories Advancement (Cap) Gain Rate Percentage
Primary 100% 1.20
Secondary 85% 1.00
Tertiary 65% .70
Penalty 40% .40
Denied Will Not Advance Will Not Advance




Choosing a Base Class

The three Base Classes are Fighter, Magic User and Merchant. These three classes correlate to the ultimate profession the player wishes to choose for their character so for instance, a Fighter is unable to become a Mage nor is a Merchant is never able to become a Treasure Hunter. When you have chosen a Base Class, you will have many skills that can be raised to 65%, once you have risen some of these skills to meet the requirements of a Profession, you are then able to join that Profession.

While in a Base Class, skills gain at 0.70 of their normal gain rates.

Choosing a Profession

Professions are more focused and specialized compared to a Base Class character. Where as a Base Class character will have access to a whole host of skills which can be raised to only 65%, a Profession allows a player to raise specific skills above that and at the same time might also restrict certain skills not particularly important for their chosen Profession. This allows for greater diversity because in practice, each class tends to excel at something different from another class. For instance, a player whose character is a Fighter may decide they want to delve into the murky world of assassinations, they’ll want to choose an Assassin as their Profession as that is the only class who is able to most effectively stealth around and back stab unsuspecting victims.

Each Profession has certain requirements that must be met in both skills and stats. For example, if a player wishes to join the Warrior class on their Fighter character, they must have raised Tactics and any of the three melee fighting skills to 65% before hand as well as raise their Strength to 80 and Dexterity to 55.

This information can be found  on the specific Profession’s page, links for which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Retiring From a Profession

Should a player wish to leave their character’s chosen profession, just visit the correlating Guild Master of their current Profession and say “retire”. At the point of retiring, the player will be prompted with an “are you sure?” menu, if the player is sure about their decision and clicks the “OK” button, their character’s skill will be set to Base Class. After five days, the player is able to join a new Profession and any skills previously accumulated in the last Profession the character was in prior to retiring will be reimbursed to their original values provided they are allowed skills within the new Profession. Stats work the same as skills do when changing Professions.

Entering the Heightened Class

Once a player has completely trained all of their character’s allowed skills within a Profession; that character is now able to enter the Heightened Class for their profession. To join the Heightened Class, the player must take their character to their character’s Guild Master and say, “I’m fully trained”. The player will be prompted with a list of skills that need to be raised before their character is eligible to join the Heightened Class should their character not meet the requirements.

Once a character is accepted into the Heightened Class, the player is able to choose three skills that can be advanced by 5% of their original skill cap. Denied skills are not eligible to be chosen as Heightened Skills. Once a player has chosen their Heightened Skills, they are unable to be changed unless the character quits the class. Should a character quit a class while in a Heightened Class; any skill gains within their three Heightened Skills will be permanently lost.

While in the Heightened Class, skill gains within the three Heightened Skills are ten times slower than that of skill gains during the 90%-100% tier. Characters who are in the Heightened Class have the ability to gain skill while wearing Magical Clothing which is something that can not be done by characters who are not in the Heightened Class. There is however, a cost at training with a skill cloth on, for every +2% a skill cloth offers increases the skill gain difficulty by 1, so if a cloth offers a +10% in a skill, that skill is now fifteen times slower to gain in.

Heightened Skills have a gain delay of 4 real life days meaning if a character raises one of their Heightened Skills by 0.1%, that skill will not raise any further for 96 hours (4 days) from that gain. To determine whether the gain delay timer is up, a character must visit their Guild Master and say “continue my training”.

Unattended Macroing

If a player in the Heightened Class is caught macroing unattended, the skill being macro’d at the time of the check will be dropped to 20% (Any skill gained within the dropped skill while in the Heightened Class will be permanently lost). After the skill is dropped to 20%, the player must retrain that skill to its skill cap and rejoin the Heightened Class (saying “fully trained” to the character’s Guild Master). A player will be unable to gain in either of the two Heightened Skills that were not dropped until they’ve rejoined the Heightened Class.

Heightened Class Titles

Depending on the three Base Classes, there are two different systems that are used to determine a character’s Heightened Class title.

Heightened Merchant Classes

When a Merchant Profession enters the Heightened Class, they must choose their primary crafting skill as one of the three Heightened Skills to be able to attain a better title (a tinker must choose Tinkering as one of the three skills, a scribe must choose Inscription as one of the three skills, etc…). Once a Tinker, for instance, reaches 103 in Tinkering, their title will become  “Elder Tinker” instead of “Grandmaster Tinker”. Similarly once a Tinker reaches 105 in Tinkering, their title will become “Legendary Tinker”.

Heightened Fighter and Magic User Classes

For those characters who belong to the Fighter and Magic User classes, the title system works slightly different. Only when the their three Heightened Skills are at an average of 103 will the title of “Elder” be granted. Once their skills are at an average of 105 (completely trained) will they achieve the title of “Legendary”.