You are allowed to have ONE account!

We do not want to see multiple accounts by the same user. However if both you and (i.e) your girlfriend want to play from the same IP, you may both have an account, but we will check on you and if we see you bending the rules regarding muling, or if you are actually only one person, we will ban one of your accounts and jail the other.

Accounts are personal. Selling your account is not allowed, nor is sharing your account with someone. This includes lending and/or giving an account to another person, with the original owners permission.

If you and your brother both play, each of you must create an account.

Do not give your account name or password to ANYONE. It is the biggest error most players do. We have seen a few examples of account hacking, but the hacker will need either your password or account name to do this.

Do not distribute your UO files, some of them do contain personal info like password and account name. We strongly recommend that you protect your computer with a firewall to protect yourself from hackers.

We will do our best to help you, should you suspect your account to have been hacked anyways, but we are NOT responsibly for your loss, nor will you receive any compensation for lost items.

If you follow there safety rules, the change that your account being hacked is almost zero.

Creating an account
It is very important that you use your primary e-mail when you sign up, since that e-mail will be the only way for us to get your password, if you forget it. We will NOT send ANY spam-mail to you, nor will your e-mail be distributed or sold to anyone. Your e-mail will only be used in case you loose your password.

Muling is another UO-definition and it is done the following way:

      On your account you have two characters, while hunting with your mage you come across an excellent weapon – your other character (the warrior) could really use this weapon so you decide to give it to him, free of charge – that is muling.
      Or if your brother has a GM smith you treat him an ice cream and he makes you a suit of armor, free of charge – that is muling. If you need to trade items from one character to another you must make fair deal.

Using your alternate characters to aid another character of yours is not allowed, no matter if he/she was robbed or killed by a another player. Muling of any extend will result in a mark and the muled goods (items mules) will be destroyed.

Just don`t mule – it`s an unfair advantage!

Meta-gaming is yet another UO-definition. Meta-gaming is when you use knowledge that your character got OOC, ex. from your alt, from a RL-friend etc. An example of meta-gaming could be spying with an alt on your enemy.

Meta-gaming is punishable by everything from a warning, to jail time, even in-game punishment can be executed, depending on the violation.

Marking of accounts
A mark is a note about a rule violation. Marks are added to your account, not the character you played while violating the rule.

When a player breaks a rule, a Game Master will judge if the offence was serious enough to recieve a mark. After 3 marks your account will be jailed. Serious offences may end up banning your account. When we jail someone, we block his/her account from 1 to 14 days (typical lenght is 3 days).

Banning an account means that we delete all characters on your account and block it forever.

Banned accounts
Once banned from Pangaea, you are not allowed to play anymore, but you can however apply for a new account 6 months after the banning. If at least 50% of the staff votes yes, you will be allowed back. No more then 3 applications can be send and no less then 6 month between them. To apply send a mail with your old accountname, all your old characters names and the reason why you where banned to a GM or Admin.