Player versus Player (PvP) – old

Before you engage yourself in a Player versus Player (PvP) related situations, you must read the rules below thoroughly and follow them. PvP in general is a very touchy topic, so rule breakings are never popular. Pangaea is not a PvP or Player killing (PK) oriented shard, but we feel that PvP to a certain point can be great asset to RP, which is why it is allowed. Situations where the rules have been bent or misinterpreted, will likely fall out to the victim’s advantage so stay on your toes and don`t break the rules.

Any PvP situation where the game masters will be involved to solve a dispute between two players, the attacker will be responsibly to provide screenshots there CLEARLY documents that the attack was in accordance with the rules. (You will be the attacker if your opponent gets the *’Name’ is attacking you*). However, when attacked it is recommended to take a screenshot with [printscreen] button of the journal with the text saying “XXXXXX is attacking you!” and pasting it to Irfanview (Downloadable from’s file section) or some other image altering program (MS Paint for example) using Ctrl+V command. This way you ensure the right judgement and ease the work of the GM handling the case. Pre-casting spells can be sign of hostility, but is not considered an attack, unless the involved guilds are at war, or war has been declared on the forum.

If the attacker fails to prove that the attack was done in accordance with the rules, he will have to return everything he looted from the corpse and replace any lost item if the game master finds the attacker responsibly for the loss. The only evidence the victim must provide is that he in fact was attacked, this can be done with a single screenshot of your journal that shows the *’Name’ is attacking you*.  These rules are made to protect both parties of a PvP conflict.

Before an attack

For an attack to be acceptable there must be a role play reason for the attack, and this reason MUST be made perfectly clear to the victim BEFORE the attack start (before the victim receives the *’Name’ is attacking you*).  Using a macro to quickly fire off the reason for the attack is not allowed for 2 reasons, if you fire off the macro the player will have little chance to even read it, and secondly because it will lower the role play quality if each attack will be stated with the same macro every time. After you have told your victim the reason for your attack, you must wait a few seconds until before you can attack, to be sure the victim have a change to read the reason. This rule will have to be enforced strictly to prevent situations where the attacker fires off his reason and then attacks right away. If your reason for an attack is revenge, insults etc. you must have evidence for those reasons in the form of a screenshot.


Murderers are outlaws and CAN be attacked/killed solely for that reason, this does NOT mean that you can attack on sight. Murderers in general receives little to no help with in-character stuff, we of course treat you the same out of character, but don’t expect Lord British to help you. Murderers names are written with red text (assuming you are using the defaults text colors on your client) .

There are certain areas where murders should avoid hanging out, such as Britain graveyard and the newbie training ground. It is Law’s job to keep reds away from the graveyard, but they are not allowed to attack on sight no matter what.

If a Law member tells a wanted man to stop/not run(on the graveyard or elsewhere), and the wanted runs he can be killed just like robbers can kill there victims if they try to flee during the robbery.

Law must of course have SS that proves that the red did run after he was warned not to, just like robbers have to prove it.


Criminals are player who have been doing something criminal within the last 5 minutes, criminals can NOT be attacked solely for the reason of being flagged criminal. Most criminal flags will wear off after 5 minutes, with the exception of some thief actions and one of Law’s rituals (this ritual will flag anyone criminal, who has committed some special crimes in the recent past).


Assassinations can be preformed only by Assassin class, and the assassin has to be hired by another player, to legalize the attack. Assassinations are the only type of attack, where the attacker can attack on sight. To prove the legality of the assassination, the assassin must have screenshots of the contract (some in game chat with the contractor, containing the contractor’s real name, the name of the victim, the reason for the assassination, the price of the hit, and any requested items). This screenshot has to be uploaded to the website shortly after the agreement has been made, but before the hit. A contract is valid for 30 days after the agreement was made (30 days after the SS is uploaded AND approved by a GM), and becomes invalid should the time period be exceeded. Should the contractor want to renew the contract, it should be threaded like a new contract.

If there is no screenshots of the contract, the assassinations is considered illegal. The price of the assassination has to accommodate the risk of the hit, and an unreasonable price will make the contract invalid. No more then one person can be hired for a job, but if the contract requires it, the assassin can acquire help from a 2. person. The 2. is not allowed to perform any kind of aggressive action upon the victim, but he can act like a decoy. The assassin can only loot the head of the victim, and any item specified in the contract. It’s not enough to ask for the victims armour, the contractor has to give an exact description of the item, such as “If he my solar maul, I want it back. Is has the name ‘Flames of Hell’ engraved”.


For those looking to play a robber character, be sure to contact staff to be marked as a robber before hand. Robberies should not be undertaken prior to being marked as a robber. Those aiding and abetting robbers will also find themselves marked as one.

Robberies – If you are going to rob someone you MUST role play it. This means hitting a macro (hot key) that says stop and hand over all your belongings or die, DOES NOT count as enough role play. However, if the victim decides to run with out saying a word, then the robber will be allowed to kill them. If the robbery is initiated while the victim is fighting an NPC (as in hunting), the victim is allowed to move out of the NPC attack range, without it being considered running away from the robber. If someone tells you that he will rob you, you are allowed to attack him without warning, as long as you take a screenshot to prove his intentions of robbing you. Should you choose to attack, you risk getting a murder count if you kill your robber, and you will have to live with that. No robber or robber guild is allowed to rob the same person more than once a week. Robbing a player in baseclass is considered illegal. Any robber can be marked as a murderer (enemy of Law) by the staff.

After each robbery, you are obligated to upload enough screenshots, to prove proper role play. The screenshots should be uploaded as fast as possible, to ease the GM’s workload. If there are no or invalid proves of the role play involved in the robbery, within one hour after the robbery started, the robbery is considered illegal.

*Specifying a robbery*:

Person A must make it clear to person B that he must deliver his belonging (this is a robbery, hand over all gold etc) or else he will die. Person A must make it clear to person B that he’s performing a robbery. If person B hands over the items asked for, person A has gotten what he wanted and person B is free to go.

Make sure your victim knows what your intentions are.  Give a reasonable amount of time (NOT 10 seconds) and a warning if person B fails to deliver the asked items. If person B fails to reply in a reasonable amount of time (at least 30 seconds) to the warning set forth, person A can engage the PvP session.


There are no rules in looting anymore. Everyone can loot each other as long as the RP is justified for the killing or if it’s a robbery in the question. If a guild or some group of players are constantly looting and killing people without a war or clear RP reason, it’s on GM’s discretion to declare the group of players as robbers or not.

Trashing or leaving looted items on the ground decaying is highly against the shard rules. If caught, we will fully item wipe your account.

Corpse Camping

If a player is “corpse camping” and sees the corpse owner return to get his gear, and then prevents him from getting his gear without good reason, with spawning guards, or luring monsters, then it’s illegal. The dead player can prove it was corpse camping with a screenshot of him next to his corpse where a player is waiting. GM’s have the final say whether a reason was justified for the corpse camping, and in most cases it is not.

If the corpse/s have decayed, and the items then lay on the ground, they are fair pickings and it is no longer considered corpse camping. Rough estimate is from 30 minutes when a player dies do their corpses decay. Note that this timer fluctuates and is not always the same.

If the locale is such that the guarding of corpses it out of the players hands, then they are not responsible for the camping. Such a scenerio would be a religion attacking another religions altar, and then dying. The emissaries guarding the Altar are not controlled by the defenders. Choose your locale wisely.


If another player has been insulting you, you may take action toward them. However you still have to follow the normal PvP rules and specify why you attack.


Robbers or assassins who have threatened you or your friends life can be killed as revenge. However you still have to follow the normal PvP rules. Getting backup is allowed by using ICQ or another chat program. If you have been robbed, your friends may kill the robber shortly after the robbery (shortly is more then 10, but less then 30 minutes). After that they/you must introduce a new fight.


Main reason for two guild to initiate a mutually agreed war is to avoid murdercounts to be collected on your character but still have fun with PvP. Members in both guilds can see this, when members of the other guild are orange to you, and not the normal (blue, red or grey). War can be set from the guildstones by the guildmasters or by gamemasters if they see war should be put in place but either side is not accepting for a reason or another.

The rules of such war CAN be different from the normal PvP rules, but these changes must be agree on by both guild masters, and posted on the forum. (Both guild masters must post under the same message, telling their members that they have accepted these rules). The staff can always cancel the rules, if the are unacceptable.


Just before (when RP for the attack have been made), during or after a fight, you can send out pigeons asking friends, guild maters etc. for help. If the reinforcement arrives during or shortly after the fight, they are allowed to aid their friends by attacking the enemy right away. However it is the reinforcement’s responsibility that they only attacked enemies, and not innocent bystanders. Also keep in mind that aiding a enemy of certain guild/religion can be considered a valid RP reason to revenge on you.

Use of .mayday
Using the mayday-command is allowed only when you’re getting robbed/killed. Use it only after you have been clearly stated that you’re getting robbed or killed. If you receive mayday, you can attack the robbers/murderers without roleplay but only shortly after the mayday is sent.

Magic prisons

If you are going to imprison someone you must have a very good role play reason to do so, since this rite could prevent your victim from players for quite a long time. It is not allowed to use this on newbie’s unless you have a very good reason (If someone creates a new character just to badmouth you etc.). When you imprison someone you have to provide screenshots of your role play, just like when you kill another player. Also your role play reason has to be very good before this kind of punishment is allowed, not just someone has killed you once or looted from a critter you killed. Manhunts does not change the rules for imprisonment, you will still need to make it clear for the victim why you are going to imprison him/her, even if it required you paralyse the victim while you explain your reasons.
After the imprisonment, you are obligated to upload enough screenshots , to prove proper role play, and state your reason for the imprisonment. The reason for the imprisonment has to at least be stated in the description of the file, but preferable shown on the screenshots. You should upload the screenshots as fast as possibly, to easy the GM’s workload, but never later then one hour after the imprisonment.

Attacks on holy temples/altars

When a group attacks an enemy’s temple/altar, they can attack guards/emissaries, corrupt the altar without initiate a RP event, since we do not demand any RP when attacking NPC. Is the altar/temple however guarded by any player/players, a role play session will of course have to be initiated according to the normal PvP rules. Assuming the attackers has started the attack on an altar/temple not guarded by any players, but during the attack a group of defenders arrives to the scene, the following applies:

  1. The attackers cannot attack on sight, until a RP session has been initiated or the defender has attacked.
  2. The defenders can attack on sigh, since their sacred grounds has been attacked. But by doing so they also allow the attackers to attack back.

Should there be any doubt about the situations and a GM is involved, the attacker will have to provided evidence, in form of screenshot.

You may not use the “I ban thee” Command to remove opposing religions from your altar/temple area. Using such is a markable offense and could result in Piety drop.

Special PvP rules

Blocking a passage
It is not allowed to block a passage with wall of stone for another player BEFORE you introduce roleplay. You may use wall of stone AFTER you introduce roleplay, then use wall of stone to prevent their escape. A screen shot is required with your journal open to prove this. Before and after shots help. Remember it is the blockers responsibility to prove they roleplayed before use stonewall spell. Casting stonewall prematurely is considered an attack no matter if the player is harmed or not. You are responsible if the player is being attacked by monster and dies because your stonewall is in the way so they can relocate to answer your demands.

  • Example A (illegal): Bert runs through a narrow mountainside path. Ernie the robber on horseback discovers Bert and casts stonewall on both ends of this pass to prevent Bert from running away. Ernie then asks Bert to hand over his items or die.
  • Example B (legal): Bert runs through a narrow mountainside path. Ernie the robber on horseback discovers Bert and asks him to “Halt” and then to “Hand over his items or die”. Ernie waits for Bert to refuse, run away, or waits more then 10 seconds before taking action. Ernie is then allowed to cast stonewall to prevent Bert from running away.

This rule also concerns using the res-kill system in order to use your bodies to block a passage leaving the escapee’s no way to exit. Also, the res-kill system cannot be used to use “I ban thee” multiple times over keeping a player from getting inside a deeded area because they cannot kill you.

Blocking a passage, an entrance or a part of a room completely with religion rites Interdiction and Blessed Peace is considered illegal.

Religions and robbers
If a religion member is caught helping a robber under any circumstance, the member in question will either loose his piety or place in the religion. Helping them is not against shard rules so you won’t get punished with a mark nor jailtime, but the religion gods do not accept robberies and therefore the characters doing that will be punished in-game instead.

Attacking trapped players
You are not allowed to engage PvP inside a public or a private boat. It is also illegal to engage PvP inside locked doors (i.e. locking another player inside your house to rob him). There always needs to be a way out. Exceptions can be made in this rule (i.e. if someone is caught stealing from you, you’re allowed to attack) – but do ask the staff before you act.

Silent casting
Silent casting/whispering spells is illegal to use before an attack.

Attacking from a boat
It is illegal to attack other players/NPC’s from a boat to land with rites/spells/arrows/etc.

Recognizing other players
Players (regardless of status: blue/grey/red) can be recognized by anyone, even under the influence of incognito.

Falsly accusing other player
Trying to get a player marked by falsly accusing him for none roleplay kill, will result in a mark to the one who accused.

Religion members concentrating
Religion members who transfer powers (by concentrating), cannot be held responsibly for supplying proves, but they can be held responsibly and punished for the consequence of the rite/ritual.

Exampe 1:

    3 Law officers decide to pardon the most feared murderer on the shard. Only the caster of the salvation can be held responsibly for providing proves for the RP of the situation, but should he fail to do so, all 3 officers can be subject to punishment.

Example 2:

    3 members of Tekstone combines powers and cast imprisonment on a Nature member. Only the caster of the salvation can be held responsibly for uploading SS, but should he fail to do so, or the imprisonment was illegal, all 3 tekstone members can be subject to punishment.

It is therefore advisable to take SS, if you concentrate on someone

Using alternate characters during a pvp fight.

It is  illegal to join a fight on your alternate character from now on, regardless of the circumstances.

Ghost Spying

Ghost spying during religion/guild combat is only legal if it is done by a character in the opposing guild/religion. Anyone else caught loitering inappropriately will face an immediate 1-day jail.

Asshole rule
Sometimes we run into a situation where a player or group of players takes advantages of some game mechanism or takes some rule to the limit for his own advantage. In such cases we allowed ourselves to judge him/them by the asshole rule, and undo what was done and/or punish him for acting like a moron.
Usually this rule is used when a players actions seem to have no other intentions that to ruin the game for other players or when a scam is taken to far. Robbing and lie are part of the game, but within reasonable limits. There are no minimum amount before the asshole rule can used.

A few examples could be:

  • Person A gives money to Person B for a house exchange, and Person B decides not to give them the house
  • Constant harrasment toward a specific player without a proper RP reason to do so

A few examples that will not trick the asshole rule:

  • Person A is on his way to a house at the price of 900.000 gold, on the way person B Makes a legal robbery.
  • Person A dies to a greatdragon and are full looted, then person B arrives, kills and loot every item on the dragon, without handing any items back to Person A.
  • Person A are legally robbed by person B, person A tries to flees from B, but are killed and B loot equipment worth 2.000.000 gold

The above stated example assumes that no other rule was broken, such as metagaming, account abuse etc.