Order of Law

Winchester is the name of their Orders deity.

The Head Priest’s name can be found on their altar.

The Order is located in Britain and they oppose Imperial. They allow all classes, but merchants, necromancers and thieves. Members of Law are not allowed to have robber alts. The official Order color is true white and the Head Priest holds the dye tub.

Men of Law fight with honor and take pride in any battle they win, no matter how many advantages they might have had. Rescuing and defending the innocent, and following the commandings set forth by Lord British, is what this Order is all about. Men of Law do not associate with known murderers, unless there are great times of trouble.

The first religion found, `cause of the villains flooding the lands of Britannia, an Order to uphold law and justice was created. Their god Winchester, once a brave and unspiritual knight of Lord British, stands for the good and pure hearted soul. The Order of Law is located in Britain, they follow the laws set out by Lord British and their own code of laws.