The Priest Profession


Priests use items called “foci” to power their holy tomes when using rites. Below is a list of what is needed to make the different kinds of foci.

  • Power foci – 3 iron
  • Time foci – 3 sand
  • Earth foci – 3 clay
  • Life foci – 3 wood
  • Arcane foci – 3 glass
  • Spirit foci – 3 cloth

Holy Rites

Following is a complete list of holy rites and their effects, though not every effect for every rite is revealed, most of them are. When you first join a religion your piety is set to 10. To increase in piety you must prove yourself to your high priest as worthy of such, you must also prove to the staff through roleplay and deeds for your religion that you deserve a boost. The more piety you have the stronger and easier your rites become.


Recharges your mana through any kind of armor or weaponry, you remain frozen until your mana is recharged.

Combine piety by concentrating on another knight or priest attempting a rite. This strengthens the power of rites and makes certain rites easier to cast. Two or more heads are better than one.

Removes someone from the religion, the caster`s piety must be higher than the person being removed.

Joins someone to the religion, minimum of 30 piety required.

Removes a rite from a holy tome.

Resurrects a member of the same religion and sends them back to the temple.

Teaches a rite to a member.

Used to create holy tomes and symbols at your religion`s alter.


This rite has many effects, it can be used to dispel summoned monsters, reverse the effects of the polymorph spell, modify empyrean sigils, dispel field spells like poison field, and is the rite used when attempting to make indestructible foci (blessed foci).

Used to remove the effects of the nasty malediction rite, also removes the effects of corruption from a corrupted religious item, can then be made useful to your own faith if it wasn`t before.

Call upon the power of your god to instill you with super power.

Bless weapons and armor, this modifies the damage or AR rating respectfully for a temporary amount of time.

Banish a player or ghost to a random island, sometimes it backfires and sends you instead, be careful.

Grant a symbol or tome its power (piety, from 0 to 20), the more combined piety when cast, the more power put into the symbol or tome.

Blessed Peace
Create a holy field, works like you alter, if there is enough combined piety it can res like the alter too.

Mass damage rite, area effect, will not damage yourself.

Sends out a call to all members of your religion, if they choose to do so they can teleport directly to your location.

Corrupt a religious item, making it useless. Foci, tomes, symbols and even religious alters can be corrupted.

Create Focus
Makes the foci used to power your rites, the higher piety the less mana is required to make one.

High damage rite, can also be an instant kill, and can poison or make victim lose stamina or mana.

Can Identify an item/player/magic prison and give you any holy info about the target.

Divine Sanctity
Gives you 1 instant res after next death, with full hp/mana/stamina and all your items in your backpack.

Area effect light.

Sigils Empyrean
Go to any of the moongate locations and use this rite, if you succeed an empyrean sigil will appear for you to use.

Paralyze any one target.

Boosts the target players stats, like the bless spell.

Freedom has quite a few uses:

  • free a player from magic prison
  • destroy undead monsters
  • free tamed animal

Turns the caster into a fiery ball of fury, of course this kills him or her and drops their strength a few points permanently, but everything and everyone in your view is completely erradicated.

Imprison a player, the higher combined piety when imprisoned, the more it takes to free the player using the freedom rite.

Prevents any traveling spells or rites from working, such as untrodden paths, recall, gate and mark.

Use it on yourself to get a stat boost, and AR boost. In addition it can be used on an empyrean sigil to create a holy gate to the moongate location of the sigil, use it as well to remove corruption from your religious alter.

Sacrifice food, gold, gems, or raw material to your god and recieve a blessing, AR and or full HP and or full mana or X-amount of foci.

Random curse on a player, can change their gender, turn them into a chicken (both permanent and temporary), cause death, drop stats permanently, poison, skill loss, an equipped item will be destroyed, or an item will be randomly dropped on the ground.

Creates a negation field, blocking off magics of all sorts in that area.

Cure poison and other diseases like plague and flesh rot.

Heals yourself and or others.

Resurrect players or pets.

Simple attack rite, single target.

Sense Aura
Sense religious devotion from all players around you.

Untrodden Paths
Use on a sigil to travel to that moongate location the sigil was created at. Any other players concentrating on you successfully will also travel with you.

Sigils will take you to the following places:

  • Britain – Loving Moon
  • Trinsic – Glorious Moon
  • Skara – Tranquil Moon
  • Minoc – Tearful Moon
  • Yew – Just Moon
  • Magincia – Humble Moon
  • Moonglow – Honest Moon
  • Jhelom – Unknown

Holy tomes and holy symbols

Holy tome – 100 blank scrolls, 100 gold ingots, 10 of each foci
Holy symbol- 20 gold ingots, 20 power foci, 20 spirit foci

These items are created by using the Transformation Sacrament on the holy alter of your religion, you must have the required items in your pack. The scrolls and ingots must be in your main pack.

Training your Meditation

Meditation can be trained from 0 to 40% at the altar in Britain inside the virtue room.

40 to 50% use restoration or effulgence
50 to 60% use enervation
60 to 70% use encumbrance
70 to 80% use intervention
80 to 90% use discorporation or empyrean sigils
90 to 100% use negation, empyrean sigils or any of the other hard to cast rites to gain.

Another good way to gain is to drain your mana completely to zero. Then meditate, it is hard to do but the gains are very decent.

Interesting Stuff

  • Foci consumption is in regards to piety level and meditation skill
  • Beatification adds more piety to a tome or symbol when others concentrate on you before doing it
  • Rites are more powerful if use a holy symbol before casting
  • 25 max piety for tome, 20 for symbol
  • 600 combined piety to grant 20 piety to an item
  • Shrines will soon have powers
  • Different religions have strengths and weaknesses in regards to rites, mana consumption and foci consumption

Guide created by Malron