The Scribe Profession

Why Choose a Scribe?

The Scribe is an essential merchant class. Any caster class is heavily reliant on the Scribe if only for one aspect, to fill their spell book from circles 4 to 8. Necromancers are rather reliant on Scribes in that to fill their Codex Damnorum they need to find a Scribe skilled enough to inscribe their Necromancy scrolls into the Codex Damnorum. A caster’s reliance does not simply end with getting their spell book filled either, any caster worth their weight in reagents is reliant on Scribes to push out mass amounts of scrolls ranging anywhere from Magic Reflection to Summon Fire Elemental, this can be quite a boring task, I must admit but if you can find yourself a loyal customer base, you can build yourself quite a nice nest egg in gold.

What Skills to Pick?

Inscription – 50%
Cartography – 30%
Meditation – 30%

Really? Cartography at 30%?

Yes, as you read further on, I feel you ought not train this skill to join the Scribe class but in the event you wish to heighten your Scribe in terms of the 4 Primary skills a Scribe can Grandmaster, this is the toughest and slowest of the lot so start out with 30% in it. Though I would be hard pressed to not strongly agree that if your ultimate goal when you first create your Scribe is to heighten that you might instead pick up Resisting Spells instead of Cartography at 30%.

(As a side note, if your ultimate goal is to heighten a Scribe, at this point I would say don’t. There is a reason that in the 12 years Pangaea has been around there has only ever been 1 heightened Scribe and that being me I can tell you it is probably the biggest waste of time and money in terms of any other class that one would heighten it offers virtually no benefit whatsoever. I say this as a friendly “BEWARE: Don’t Waste Your Time” sign when it comes to heightening this class.)

What Stats to Pick?

Strength – 50
Dexterity – 10
Intelligence – 10

Brief Description of This Guide:

Below I will explain in some detail how you will want to train your character, where many other class guides will mostly focus on the primary skills for joining the specific class, this guide will first describe how to train a few Tertiary skills of the Scribe class as these will be needed unless you know a Carpenter and/or Tinker who can craft you scrolls. The general idea for this guide is to make your character as self reliant as possible and to do that it is imperative that you train your character’s Carpentry, Lumberjacking and Tinkering. If you know a Carpenter and/or Tinker who can make you scrolls consistently on a regular basis, feel free to skip the “Training my Tertiary Skills” section of this guide.

I’ve Created my Character, Now What?

You’ll need to make some gold, the quickest and easiest way to do this is to head out to the fields of Britain and harvest crops. With the crops you harvest, you can vendor off most of it and put the rest in the bank for your training as you will inevitably need food during training. With this gold you will need to buy a few items as well as training in a few skills from various vendors within Britain.

  1. Spell book with 1 of each scroll for circles 1-3 of Magery which can be purchased from The Sorcerer’s Delight (located at 1488, 1572, 30) within Britain city limits. The total cost for this is 2184 gold coins.
  2. You’ll want to vendor train in Lumberjacking from The Saw Horse (located at 1433, 1600, 20) within Britain city limits. May cost up to 200 gold coins.
  3. You’ll want to vendor train in Tinkering from The Saw Horse (located at 1433, 1600, 20) within Britain city limits. May cost up to 200 gold coins.
  4. You’ll want to vendor train in Carpentry from The Saw Horse (located at 1433, 1600, 20) within Britain city limits. May cost up to 200 gold coins.
  5. You’ll want to vendor train in Item Identification from The Saw Horse (located at 1433, 1600, 20) within Britain city limits. May cost up to 200 gold coins.
  6. Purchase a set of tinker tools from the tinker at The Saw Horse (located at 1433, 1600, 20) within Britain city limits. The cost for a set of tinker tools is 75 gold coins.
  7. Purchase a hammer at The Saw Horse (located at 1433, 1600, 20) within Britain city limits. The cost for a hammer is 30 gold coins.
  8. Purchase a saw at The Saw Horse (located at 1433, 1600, 20) within Britain city limits. The cost for a saw is 30 gold coins.
  9. Purchase a smoothing plane at The Saw Horse (located at 1433, 1600, 20) within Britain city limits. The cost for a smoothing plane is 27 gold coins.
  10. Purchase a hatchet from the Weaponsmith at The Hammer and Anvil (located at 1428, 1546, 30) within Britain city limits. The cost for a hatchet is 80 gold coins.
  11. Find a player who plays a Scribe and purchase at least one spell from circles 4 through 8 as you will need them to copy these spells later as your Inscription skill increases.

Training my Tertiary Skills

These three skills specifically will allow you to chop your own logs, convert them into boards and finally take those boards and turn them into scrolls. You will want to train these skills unless you know a Carpenter and/or Tinker who can regularly make you large amounts of scrolls, if you do, feel free to move onto the next section.

Training Lumberjacking:

Equip the hatchet you previously purchased and using the guide below, chop away. Keep the logs as you will need them for training purposes for both Carpentry and Tinkering. You will more than likely find that you will begin training in either Carpentry or Tinkering well before you have completed training in Lumberjacking because logs simply weigh a lot so you will need to use off any excess logs you have for training purposes before you go back out and chop more. Keep any Walnut logs as you will use those to make boards with during Carpentry training and will use those Walnut boards for making scrolls with during Tinkering Training. If you wish you should be able to vendor off any Oak, Apple, Pear or Peach logs or find another player to buy them as you will more than likely not need these for any training purposes.

20% – 50% : Normal Trees
50% – 62% : Walnut Trees
62% – 65% : Oak, Apple, Pear, Peach Trees

Training Carpentry:

Using the hammer you purchased, use it and target the logs you chopped, keep in mind that using different types of logs will make things difficult, you’ll more than likely need to use just normal logs for training purposes. You will make the items below to reach 65% in Carpentry.

20% – 35% : Stools
35% – (You stop gaining) : Use the Saw you purchased on a stack of Walnut Logs (Do Not Discard these boards as you will need them to make scrolls with.)
40% – 50% : Small crates
50% – 60% : Large Crates
60% – 65% : Use the Saw purchased on a stack of normal logs (Do Not Discard these boards as you will need them to make scrolls with.)

Training Tinkering:

Using the tinker tools you purchased, use it and target the logs you chopped. The guide below is not an exact science, so you may want to experiment, some of the items may get you a little further than what is listed but you should be able to make exclusively wood items from 20% all the way to 65% in Tinkering.

20% – 30% : Axle
30% – 35% : Jointing Plane
35% – (You stop gaining) : Use a Smoothing Plane on your Walnut boards and make blank scrolls
40% – 55% : Smoothing Plane (Keep one of these)
55% – 65% : Use a Smoothing Plane on your normal boards and make blank scrolls.

How do I go About Training my Crucial Skills?

To join the Scribe class you will need to specific skills and stats to certain levels.

Your Stats Must Be:

Strength – 40
Dexterity – 30
Intellect – 50

Your Skills Must Be:

Inscription 65%
Cartography 45% or Item Identification 50%

Training Item Identification:

This is a very easy and slow skill to train, just simply use the Item Identification skill on any item in your back pack. Targeting an item with charges will however slightly increase your skill gain rate. Though keep in mind, it is a slow skill to train but if you plan to raise this to 50% to join the Scribe class, it will also increase your mana base so if this is the skill you wish to choose, I would recommend training it before you start on training Inscription.

  • Contrary to what others may tell you, this skill has no impact on crafting any Inscription items. It is very important to have should you wish to craft wands but it is not necessary to raise this skill to 100% until you decide to take that step.

Training Meditation:

Before you move into training Inscription, you will want to head over to The Chamber of Virtue (located at 1556, 1613, 10) within Britain city limits. There you will find an altar where you can sacrifice your mana, this will allow you to raise your Meditation skill to 40%. You’ll want to train this before you begin Inscription as the higher your Meditation skill the quicker you regenerate mana while meditating.

Do not fret however as you will more than likely raise this skill to 100% well before you Grandmaster your Inscription. (I believe I was about 80% Inscription when my Meditation hit 100% so this skill raises relatively fast compared to Inscription.)

Training Inscription:

Inscription is by no means a quick skill to master. You will run through a bunch of blank scrolls and at times it may seem hopeless, just stick with it. Below is a quick guide:

20% – 30% : 2nd Circle Scrolls
30% – 40% : 3rd Circle Scrolls
40% – 50% : 4th Circle Scrolls
50% – 60% : 5th Circle Scrolls
60% – 70% : 6th Circle Scrolls
70% – 80% : 7th Circle Scrolls
80% – 100% : 8th Circle Scrolls

  • To begin creating scrolls, you must have a spell book in your back pack with the desired spell you wish to make and double click on your blank scrolls at which point a gump will appear where you select first the circle then the specific spell you wish to craft. If you do not have the spell in a spell book within your back pack it will not appear in the gump so you will need to rely on either other scribes or friends who hunt the wilds to initially fill your own spell book.
  • If you can find yourself someone who is willing to camp next to you while training Inscription, this will increase your mana regeneration which will decrease downtime while meditating.
  • Later in your training, you may want to secure yourself some mana regeneration potions (just lesser or normal ones) as these will also help decrease your downtime while meditating.
  • Do not be discouraged, I vividly recall gaining 0.3% to 0.6% every 8 hours in the 90% skill range and it was like this until I reached 100% Inscription, for the most part I DID NOT have the luxury of a person to camp with me.

Training Cartography:

This is without a doubt, a most annoying skill to train. Although you only have to get it to 45% to join the class, maps DO NOT stack and unless you have access to a house with a few locked down containers, I would seriously recommend training Item Identification as that skill although slow offers Intellect as a bi-product to training it which is helpful when training Inscription, the bigger your mana base the more scrolls you can push out before having to meditate. But should you wish to go this route, below is a guide for building it. You make blank maps the same way you would make blank scrolls, just instead of making scrolls select the blank maps item in the Tinkering gump after you have used a smoothing plane on boards.

20% – 40% : Detailed Map
40% – 65% : Regional Map

  • There are as I recall a total of three different types of maps you are able to craft. This skill becomes extremely slow once you are around the 95% skill range and requires a lot of work.
  • I raised this skill to 100% but it required me to empty 15 chests in my house which I would then fill with blank maps and cycle through all 15 chests, it was very tedious and at 99.9% I remember vividly it just stopping at which point I just couldn’t gain until after about two weeks of training about 6 hours a day in exclusively Cartography it finally gained. It was an absolute nightmare and money sink as the only reason for a Scribe to want to max out this skill is purely for status, it offers a Scribe nothing as anyone who is wanting to treasure hunt will simply find a Treasure Hunter to go with and not a Scribe. I would not bother with this skill at all unless your ultimate goal is to heighten your scribe, which at this point in Pangaea history, there has been only one to achieve that goal and that person is yours truly.

Any Other Skills I Ought to Know About?

To be honest, not really unless your goal is to heighten your Scribe at which point you will need to raise all your Scribe’s skills to their respective maximum.

Closing Notes

  • You may find better ways for training the Tertiary skills, it has honestly been quite sometime since I trained them that I may have missed something important. Plus I had some new information not previously known by myself so I worked some of that into specifically the Tinkering and Carpentry training lists within this guide.
  • Scribes are not for the feint of heart, people often misuse the word “hard” to describe the slow speed it takes to train a skill or class on Pangaea, there is nothing “hard” about the Scribe class, it is just very very slow going at times. Do not be discouraged, I know I have said that a few times now throughout this guide but of all the merchant classes I have trained and I have trained 3 in total now, this was by far the slowest.
  • If you’ve got any questions concerning this guide, feel free to contact me over ICQ, I left my number below.

Guide written by Soraya Mozhan (GM Oden) (ICQ: 625-658-845)