At Pangaea we hold quests regularly, whether players will be solving puzzles, putting aside their differences to fight off a greater threat, or gearing up to kill each other, you can expect to find an adventure that you can play a part in!

Most quests will be posted by the staff in the forums with the required information and backstory.Β To better understand the structure of the quest, one of the following acronyms will be place in the title of the post to distinguish the type of quest that is being held, along with its rules.

[PQ] – Private Quest
Example: GM selects a player or players for a little mini-quest. Could be random or planned.
Info: May or may not be announced.
Rules: None, dictated by GM

[NRQ] – No Risk Quest
Example: When majority of mobs are GM spawned, attack on city, merchant quest, etc
Info: GM spawned mobs don’t loot
Rules: no PVP, no stealing.
Feel free to test out your best gear in these quests.

[NCQ] – No Contact Quest
Examples: Opening new area, quest into existing dungeon, etc
Info: Mobs loot
Rules: no PVP, no stealing/looting.

[FCQ] – Full Contact Quest
Example: Tournament
Info: Gear may or may not be supplied
Rules: PVP allowed, no stealing/looting.

[FFAQ] – Free for All Quest
Example: Pinning religions against eachother, or simply allowing all game mechanics to remain active in quest
Info: Mobs loot
Rules: Normal gameplay rules apply.
Players can attack\loot each other if the RP allows.

We like to reward those who help make these quests exciting so anyone who shows up will recieve a reward called a ‘Quest Deed’. Quest deeds contain gold and an assortment of supplies and come in an varying qualities. Basically, the larger quests have the more rewarding quest deeds however Quest Deed quality may be improved or degraded based on how well the players work together and demonstrate well intended player etiquette.

Breaking the rules of a quest or showing disruptive behaviour can result in account suspensions or other penalties.
Players are encouraged to use these tags when hosting their own quests as well.