General history of Pangaea
By Nosferatu

A long time ago, before even the city of Britain had begun its creation, there were a strong clan of people, mainly Fighters, who had created a fairly large camp. The camp had it all; access to fresh and clean water, easy access to the forests, which allowed both wood harvesting and game for hunting. The fighters, along with their wives, lived in what would be described as harmony – but this was soon to change. The camp had grown. New children had been born and more importantly, a palisade to keep the more dangerous animals at bay had been built. Every thing was perfect. Too perfect.

One day a man came knocking on the palisade. He begged for help, saying that he had been hunted by orcs for several days. The unknowing and friendly inhabitants of the camp let the man in and offered him both food and a place to stay. He accepted, but there was no sign of gratitude in his voice. The villagers did not think much of this and they all – except, of course, those who were on guard that night – went to sleep. The night was calm. So calm that no sounds could be heard from the usually active forest. The guards, who were busy talking, did not take notice of this, but a young boy did.

The boy was quite normal, considering he had grown up without any real parents, but tonight he was shaking and sweating and did not get any sleep. The next day he told his womb mother about this. She told him there was nothing to be scared of, and that everything was safe within the camp. He nodded, but was still quite nervous.

The odd man from the night before was already up. He had been up for a few hours some of the guards said, but he had just stared at the water. From time to time, he looked back, almost as though he were measuring the town and it’s tents.

As the little boy looked over at the newcomer, he was struck with fear and chaotic images began assaulting his head. Concerned about this, his womb mother told the boy to take a walk, but not to leave the camp. Normally the boy would do whatever he had been told, but today he refused to follow his mothers bidding. He still went on a walk, but he was fully set on leaving the camp.

As he was preparing to leave the palisade gates, he began to think of one of his closest friends. Oh she was so beautiful. He confronted her, and convinced her to leave the settlement with him, and then went about gathering food and water as fast as he could.

When they reached the gates, he looked back. This time he was not only terrified by looking at the man, but he felt as if his heart had almost stopped beating. He began breathing heavily and when the girl asked what was going on, he told her to run faster. The girl did as he said and without any questions she ran frantically from the palisade gates.

A few minutes later, the two children had reached the forest. They stopped and the boy explained to his cherished friend what he had done and why they were leaving. The girl looked at him, terrified. She suddenly froze completely, pointed back towards the camp, and began screaming. The boy turned and looked in the direction she pointed, and was instantly paralyzed with shock. Though it was not understood until many years later, what they had seen was the magic of a very powerful Necromancer. The howling wolves had been killed by a mere thought of the Necromancer. Since the wolves were children of the Earth, his mind could not concentrate with them nearby.

The boy and girl had lost their home. And they stood there, in complete shock, when the Necromancer appeared from the flames of the city. They ran, but the girl tripped and screamed. The boy stopped and tried helping up the girl, but it was too late. The Necromancer began chanting and just as the boy turned his head towards him, he fell to the ground, dead. The girl was terrified, but when the evil man began chanting once more, a strange voice was heard in the air, speaking ancient words and, suddenly, the Necromancer and boy had disappeared.

The girl, who was still in shock, tried to raise herself from the ground, but was held down by a pair of veins. “Stop it,” she said. And as she said it, the veins disappeared into the ground. She stood up, still afraid that the Necromancer was nearby, and mumbled; “I wish I had some protection”. Instantly, two bears came out from the woods and stood by her side. Not knowing what to do, she caressed the bears and looked around, thinking to herself “Why did they do that?” A disembodied voice then spoke; “Welcome my child, blessed are you, I hope you are worthy of the task”. The voice was calm and tender, but when the girl asked about “her task”, no answer was given.

The girl soon learned of her powers and control of nature. She promised herself, to strike down and fight anyone wrongfully hurting nature. And to this day, she is worshipped and praised by the Druids of this land.

There were no signs of the boy since. Though rumors and drunken tales said the boy was in in the presence of the devil himself, and that he was concealed in a boyish shadow. This story has been passed down for generations, but is still believed to be the reason for the rise of the ever-warring Druid and Necromancer cults of these lands.

Britain was erected by Lord British the first many generations ago. Today’s ruler, Lord British the VIII, is said to be as clever and smart as
the first one. Most of the kingdoms are controlled through Britain and Lord British. Britain is also the main source for trade, culture and entertainment in the lands. Other major cities also have guards assigned, but a few villains have erected cities of their own in which no law, nor Lord exists.

As Lord British the VIII had seen a great uprise in newcomers, especially new adventurers, he ordered two of his wisest men to bring these adventurers safely through the dungeon of Covetous. It was a sad even that only the wise mage Knarkan and the adventurers returned. The brave knight Sir Winchester, who had led the group and fought courageously, was killed by an evil Orc Lord. His last wish was that a guild was to be made in his name was fulfilled by three men: Treize, Balok Darkshayd and Cyrus Thunder. They were given the barracks inside the glorious Lords castle to hold his remains and spread his
spirit throughout the kingdom.

As the uprise of villains and bandits was so great, a new order arrived: The Order of Law, in worship of the god of law, Winchester. Members of the Order are upholders of justice.

The History of the Gods

The Nine Circles of Destruction
By Nefer Daedeloth and Darian Darkmind
Edited by Repsak

Before the first circle, long before the dawn of mankind, there were two gods. Their names weren’t known, as they had no need for names. They were known as She and He, the mother and the father. Together these two gods were blessed with two children, first Gaea, their beautiful brown-eyed daughter, and later Dennac, their strong son whose eyes were black as the death itself.

The father had always wanted a son to take over his powers and continue his legacy once he was gone. Dennac was his blessing. The father had taught Dennac to become a powerful god, teaching him the glorious art of warfare, for he thought this was the most important thing for young Dennac to know. But the mother was more interested in keeping the family united and believed that peace was the source of all good, so she didn’t agree with the father’s teachings, so she had Dennac and Gaea separated. The mother looked and cared after Gaea, and the father took in Dennac and continued teaching him.

Dennac began to believe in domination, hatred and suffering, as his father had taught him. Gaea instead, believed in peace and harmony, just like she had learned from her mother. Dennac and Gaea became the opposites of each other and thus a hatred began to grow progressively over time between the siblings.

A long period of time had passed before Dennac, who hasn’t spoken with his mother or sister in a long time, decided to strike down on Gaea, without his father knowing about it. Dennac, whose sickness was the growing hunger of power, wanted to be the most powerful and the thought of sharing the world made him sick. The father found out about the attack on Gaea too late, and in a desperate attempt to end the madness he was accidentally killed by Dennac’s hand. The mother, who believed in peace and harmony, was shocked of all this and left Gaea and Dennac, and traveled to another world to mourn for her husband. There she secretly watched over Gaea but never worked up the courage to contact her.

After the mother had left Gaea, Gaea started to explore her own powers and she then began to create mortal creatures. Her biggest achievement was the human who became able to worship and praise her. Dennac watched his sister’s work and soon became jealous, as he wanted his own worshippers. He started to experiment with the power of creation, but his dark mind was limited and only demonic evil creatures was what he could conjure. He soon realized that he would never be able to create any creature worthy of worshipping him, so he began the progress of corrupting Gaea’s humans, which turned out to be a lot easier for him then creating them.

Dennac’s hatred and jealousy towards Gaea grew fast and he blamed her for his father’s death. Dennac decided to avenge his father by attacking Gaea and her worshippers. At this point, time as we know it today began.

In the first circle of destruction Gaea and her peaceful part of the world didn’t even realize what had happened before it was too late, Dennac had corrupted the king of the lands and with his loyal army they brought destruction upon Gaea’s sacred creatures. Her pitiful world was destroyed for the first time.

It took many years of hard work for Gaea to rebuild her precious little world again. But destroying it once wasn’t enough for Dennac whose thirst for blood had only grown stronger. Dennac launched another attack upon his sister. This time the attack came straight from his black heart and he annihilated his sister’s world completely. The second circle of destruction had ended.

In the third circle of destruction Dennac had his perhaps most powerful follower ever; his right hand, Diriath. Diriath became stronger than any mortal before him, he had achieved the status of a lesser god and rumours said that his shadow alone was enough to kill a man. He alone fought against Gaea and wounded her badly leaving her no other choice than to flee to safety. After some years had passed, she returned to see that her world was destroyed once again. Dennac was very pleased with his loyal follower, Diriath, and rewarded him with immortality in Dennac’s world. Diriath is still ruling those forsaken lands as an immortal king till this day.

After the third circle of destruction had passed, Gaea wanted peace with Dennac and tried to convince her brother to forget about the past. It was already too late – or too soon – to beg Dennac for forgiveness and mercy. Dennac could not forgive his father’s death that easily, thus he completely ignored Gaea’s plea and prepared yet another attack on Gaea. For the fourth time Dennac had destroyed the world Gaea had build.

The war continued, and Dennac attacked mercifully over and over for nothing was enough for him. Many circles passed, each time with the same outcome. All this time the mother watched, from her own world, and she shed a tear for each time Gaea’s creation was destroyed.

But everything changed in the ninth circle of Destruction. Nothing would be the same again. A mortal man had been born, his name was Winchester and with his pure heart and mighty sword he had earned himself respect among his fellow man. A prophecy said that a mortal man would be the one to stop the endless war and bring order to the world. This man was Winchester. In his younger years he had become the commander of Lord British’s army and most trusted warrior. Lord British the seventh, the king who had built up the great city of Britain, made it posper by trade and commerce, order and justice. For Lord British’s empire to grow he would have purge Dennac and his followers from the mortal realm. He called upon Sir Winchester who was ordered to start a campaign against the God Dennac. After many epic battles the outcome of the war was still unclear so Sir Winchester and a group of men were sent out to investigate the rumour of cult called Tek-stone, mortal men who had been corrupted by Dennac’s influence. This stone is the one Dennac used to corrupt humans and later used it to feed his army with anger and hatred, granting them supernatural powers. But if this stone could be found and destroyed there might be hope for a quick end to the war. Sir Winchester fought valiantly but failed in his task and was killed. The groups healer had tried to bring his body back to life, but something strange had happened. Instead of bringing him back to life, his body faded and his spirit rose up unto the heavens. A new god had been born. One whose purpose was to bring order and law to the land.
The group of men who had followed Sir Winchester formed the Order of Law and dedicated their lives to defend those in need, uphold justice and maintain order over the land.

With Winchester’s help the Order of Law almost succeeded in destroying Dennac and his followers. Many thought that Dennac was beaten for good and that peace would finally be obtained. It took almost a year for Dennac to build up a new cult. War had broken out once again but with less evil influence from Dennac as now he had Winchester to deal with.

For years the war raged on between Law and Tekstone. It seemed there would be no end. The mother had seen everything that had happened and decided to take action. She finally returned to her children’s world.
Her only wish was to unite the family and to end the everlasting war. To achieve this she created Esuna, the Imperial god. Her wish was that Esuna would unite humanity and her family. However, Esuna had a different concept of “unity” and “peace”. Instead of trying to unite the three old gods, she started to play them against each other, hoping it would weaken them enough for her to take over the empire. The mother realized she had made a mistake in bringing things to an end. To punish her creation Esuna, she condemned her name, and Esuna would from this day and in all future be know as ‘Her’.

The Birth of Malas

Kingdom of Imperial
Rewritten by Neon

The mother forced Esuna to leave Felucca for all eternity. But before Esuna was condemned she already convinced a Sir of Lord British army. His name was “Blackthorne”, Sir Blackthorne a high officer to follow her. Esuna moved to the land called Malas, where she made Blackthorne the Lord of Her empire. She told him to protect this land from all none believers of Her, and maintain order of the land from murders and criminals of Malas. She also told him to convince all you meet on your way to come and live there. So the empire can grow larger, and be totally independent.

Lord Blackthorne moved to Malas and convinced most of his platoon from Lord British army to come with him to Malas. They started the “Order of Imperial” to uphold order in malas. They built a fortress they called “Luna” and began building the empire. They made a temple in the middle to pray for “Her”. They slowly build a whole city in side the walls of Luna. As they preach throughout the country, more and more people came to the city of Luna. As the time passed the city was as great as Britain.