Guild colours

Guilds can apply for a unique color. To do so, your guild must have at least 10 active members on 10 different accounts. Active members are players who put a lot of time and effort into the game. All members of your guild must show above average roleplay at all time.

If you feel your guild can live up to these requirements, you can apply for a colors by contacting a member of the staff. The best way to apply for guild colors is by sending a PM (on the Forum) to a GM. For that, fill up the following info:

Guild name:
Cordinates to guild stone:

Number of members:
Number of members on different accounts:
Age of the guild:

[free word]

The staff will decide by voting, if a guild deserves or does not deserve guild colrs. If the application is accepted, the guild master will be allowed to buy a guild color for 100.000 gold. This can only be bought from an Admin or Co-Admin.

The guild master will be send to an area with all guild color left in the color pool. He is then allowed to select one of the unused colors. The color must NOT be used for any trading purposes, nor must it be granted to players outside of the guild. The guild color will be locked down in the guild masters’ bank box, and he will have full responsibly for any kind of abuse. Abuse of the color, or failing to uphold to the requirements will result in removal of the tub and all dye items. Should your guild member list (diff. accounts) decrease to 10 or lower, your tub will automatic be removed.  For the price of 50.000 gold, all colored items can be recolored to color 0.

It is illegal to wear or storage a religion / guild color, if you are not a member of the religion / guild of which the color belongs. You are of course allowed to have the items in your backpack after you have looted them from someone,
but be sure to recolor them as soon possible. Items breaking this rule will either be re-colored OR destroyed by a GM.