Town under siege

Attacking a town

Attacking a town controlled by Lord British is allowed, but by doing so you risk becoming flagged as a murderer. By aiding the attackers you risk becoming flagged a murderer, no matter what kind of help you provide (looting, spying, killing, spreading plague, selling animals, creating gates etc.).

The GM’s will be the judges on when a player is helping during, before or after an attack on a town,
but proves (screenshot as usually) can be supplied to the GM to help him make the decision.

Capturing a town

Only religions can capture towns at the moment. This is done by casting a siege ritual on a townstone which are located in each guarded cities.

Siege system

  1. Casting siege on the townstone starts the town siege.
  2. After the siege starts, every 10 minutes 1 guard (alive or in the spawnqueue), will be converted into the attacking religion’s devotion.
  3. During the siege, there will be a global message every 30 minutes warning of the attacking religion’s hold of the town is growing stronger (just as the beginning and end is announced).
  4. When all guards have been converted the siege is over and the attacking religion takes the town.
  5. If however, the defending religion casts siege themselves on the stone before all guards have been converted, the siege is broken and all guards are immideately converted back.
  6. There can be only one siege on-going at same time.
  7. After a succesful siege, you can start another after 48 hours.
  8. If your siege is interrupted, aka failed, you can start another 48 hours later.

Starting a siege requires 300 piety.
Ending a siege requires 60 piety.