Cooking recipies

This is a list of currently known recipes for the cooking profession. The information contained within was provided by Destra Falon and Neala Shugar, thanks for that. The number after each item is the required cooking skill to make the item. Also some items can be made 5 pieces at a time, that requires more skill and is written as here: Cooked Rib (1)-20/(5)-50 – meaning 20 skill is required to make 1 rib at a time. And 50 skill to make 5.




Skill Req.:

Apple fritters Sweet dough, apple Bake in oven 70
Bacon Slab of bacon Grill on flame 30
Baked ham Raw ham Grill or bake (1)40 / (2)80
Balls of dough Flour, Water 10
Banana cream pie Pie crust, banana, egg 90
Beef jerky Raw rib Grill on flame 80
Cake Cake batter Bake in oven 50
Cake Cake batter, carrot / apple / lemon / lime /coconut Bake in oven Carrot 70 / Apple 60 / Lemon 80 / Lime 80 / coconut 90
Cheese Pizza Pizza crust, wedge of cheese Bake in oven 50
Chicken potpie Pie crust, raw bird, carrot, turnip 80
Coconut cream pie Pie crust, coconut, egg 80
Cooked bird Raw bird Grill or bake 20
Cooked fishsteak Raw fishsteak Grill or bake (1)30 / (3)50 / (4)70 / (6)90
Cooked rib Raw rib Grill or bake (1)20 / (5)50 / (7)70 / (10)90
Cooked sausage A sausage 40
Cornmuffins Cup of cornmeal, cup of milk Bake in oven 50
French bread A ball of dough 40
Fried Chicked Leg Raw chicken leg, lard 60
Fried eggs Egg, frying pan Grill on flame 30
Garlic Bread A ball of dough, garlic 60
Honey baked ham Raw ham, honey 70
Key lime Pie Pie crust, lime, egg 90
Leg of lamb Raw leg of lamb 50
Lemon-herb fish Brown fish, lemon Grill on flame 60
Lemon meringue pie Pie crust, lemon, egg 90
Lemon Tarts Sweet dough, lemon Bake in oven 70
Mincemeat pie Pie crust, raw rib, carrot, turnip 80
Muffins Ball of dough Bake in oven 30
Onion pizza Pizza crust, wedge of cheese, onion Bake in oven 70
Onion rings Onion, Lard, Flour 70
Pancankes Frying pan, mixing bowl, cup of flour, cup of milk Grill on flame 50
Pie Crust Mixing bowl, rolling pin, cup of flour 20
Pies Pie crust, 2 apples / 2 peaches / 1 pumpkin Bake in oven Apples 60 / Peaches 70 / Pumpkin 50
Pizza crust Flour, water 20
Plate of cookies Sweet dough 50
Sausage pizza Pizza crust, wedge of cheese, raw sausage Bake in oven 80
Smoked Salmon Blue fish Grill on flame 80
Sushi Yellow fish Mix 90
Sweet dough Flour, honey 20
Vegetarian Pizza Pizza crust, wedge of cheese, head of lettuce Bake in oven 70