Order of Nature

Gaea is the name of their orders deity.

The Head Priest’s name can be found on their altar.

The Order is located in Yew and they oppose Tekstone. They allow all classes, but merchants, thieves and necromancers to their Order.  The official Order color is earth-like brown and the Head Priest holds the dye tub.

Nature’s purpose in this world is to sustain and preserve the true balance of nature, which means to fight all evil critters roaming the forests of these lands.  They protect all good-hearted animals in the land and try to limit the amount of undead creatures and undead summoners (necromancers).

Located in the nature around Yew, this Order was created to guard nature.  Their goddess, Gaea, stands for the good and pure-hearted. This is also why Nature symphatizes with the druids and despises the necromancers. As they stand for the good and pure-hearted, murderers are not Nature’s favourite.