Rules for GM

The staff of Pangaea are handpicked by the staff. We act under certain GM rules, all agreed upon together. You do not see all rules here, only the more basic ones and the ones concerning you, the player.

You are acting as a role model for the players here – never drop to another players level. This means you will avoid ANY ridiculous flaming and cursing, instead you will show proper handling of such cases in a mature way.

You will never reward a player with GM created items, nor will you punish a player by taking away his property or in any other way interfering with his game play (summoning monsters near him to kill him also goes under this). Of course, this rule is only in effect, as long as the player has not broken his own rules, i.e. muled items.

Do not favorize, act vindictive towards former punished players while handling a problem for them.  Handle their problem and doing this with a smile always makes a more cheerful player.

Listen to both sides of a story and ALWAYS tell a player why you are punishing him (breaking what rule or violating what boundaries).

Always respond to GM pages.  Don’t log off until they’ve been handled.

If a player is repeatedly annoying you with pages, punish the account and not just the player itself. If needed, take him to a place and
explain to him that what he is doing is annoying and has resulted in a “mark” on his account.

Show yourself when handling a player’s page, at least if solving his problem is involving dialogue, if he/she is simply stuck and you have people in the queue, you do not need show yourself at times like that.

Never replace a stat or skill, unless of course, you were the one altering it. This is simply too easily abused – so we must draw a firm line.

You have as much obligation to follow these rules, as players have to follow theirs. GMs can also can also recieve marks on their accounts.

The rule about multiple accounts for players is also true for you – if you are a GM on this shard – you will ONLY be a GM.

As a GM on Pangaea, we expect to have your full support, since the GM system is based on mutual trust.  For that reason we cannot allow GM’s to host or be part of the staff on another shard. You are of course free to play as a normal player/counselor on other shards.

More rules apply for GMs, but there’s no reason to post them here, as they involve the IC and questing situations on the shard.

We hope your stay on Pangaea will be pleasant and that you will help us enjoy this wonderful game.