Conversion To 099 Core

By - 3. March, 2018

I began moving Pangaea over to POL 099, it should have happened awhile ago but it is in the process now. I will be looking for a handful of experienced players here shortly to login, test and ensure everything seems to be running fine.

There is some big changes coming with this conversion as this quickly snowballed into more of an upgrade of various systems and key features which I hope will help bring Pangaea to a more fun less tedious gameplay experience.

Vulcan is working on reviewing some key areas which I asked him to review to cut out a lot of useless baggage. Chiefly dot commands which will likely not affect player’s dot command list but he also reviewed new weapons and added their damage amounts and additional key elements required and shortly we will be reviewing spawns and moving away from our older spawn systems to a newer more up to date one which gives us a little more flexibility in customizing and tailoring specific areas to be a little tougher or spawns more spread out as right now we utilize spawn points which causes creature spawns to spawn in clustered formations. The newer spawn system allows for area spawning which will allow us to spawn mobs out in a less clustered fashion if utilized properly.


Druids and Necromancers will also be getting a few changes, their individual class staves have reached their obsolescence and as such will no longer be available in game Post 099 move. There will be likely legacy versions of these staves that stick around but their current forms will no longer be available but there are gears working away that will likely bring them back in a similar but different form.

Hope to have additional announcements shortly,

GM Oden