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Post: Spider Dungeon

By Vulcan - 25. May, 2020

An enormous electrical storm filled Ilshenar’s sky last night. Early scout reports indicate that the energy was released from the ground in what seems to be a vile enemy attack, but their goal is still unknown. The expedition to find its origin was cut short by poisonous giant spiders. The place seems to have been […]

change: New dungeon: Storm

By - 26. August, 2012

New dungeon named “Storm” has been opened on mainland. Judging by the name, it’s spawned with electric/magic affiliated monsters. It has 3 new monsters and you can find 1 new hidetype + 1 new bonetype from them. The hardness of the dungeon (with a scale from 1 to 10) is somewhere between 7 and 8. […]

change: Adventurer’s guild changes

By - 26. August, 2012

– You must now wait one hour before completing an item retrieval quest in the same dungeon for adventurers guild – Problem 4 should no longer appear with adventurers guild npc. If the NPC asks you to try again, it means that either the monster creation or item creation failed, try again. – Destard item […]