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change: Looting rules and stoning change (PVP)

By - 26. August, 2012

Looting rules will be extended to… – All but magical clothing / jewerly with skill abilities Starting from 1.1.2012, 00:00, GMT +1 Because there will be more to gain from looting, the sanctions will be boosted. There will be no restrictions to imprisonment aka. stoning. We are informing this in advance to avoid future mishappenings. […]

change: Change in Summoning guards

By - 26. August, 2012

Summoning guards (Religion ritual) Guards can only be used in PvP (Player versus Player). They can be casted anywhere, if the script allows it. Guards are illegal to use in PvM (Player versus Monsters) for any purpose. Using guards in PvM will automatically drop your piety.

change: Rule updates

By - 26. August, 2012

Attacking trapped players You are not allowed to engage PvP inside a public or a private boat. It is also illegal to engage PvP inside locked doors (i.e. locking another player inside your house to rob him). There always needs to be a way out. Silent casting Silent casting/whispering spells is illegal to use before […]