New hunting grounds opened and other updates!

By , d. 18. August, 2013

Ice world

One of the biggest projects for this year is the opening of Ice (lv2), or in our terms “Ice World” as it’s so big. Neon worked with the map for months, it’s now complete and bug free. All others were responsible for spawning, decorating and adding new stuff. It’s literally a massive hunting ground, that’s larger than Doom dungeon. In Ice World, you can find a new race, new monsters, new hide and bone type – even a new steed type. The dungeon starts at medium-level, and as you advance, it gets harder and harder. The furthest parts require a party of 4(+) players. Wearing cold resistance gear is highly recommended as well.

Other updates:

a wild hound
– New steed: a wild hound
– Restricted to barbarian class

– Stallions boosted
– More carrying capacity (same as pack horses)
– Better stats/skills (similar to a nightmare)

– Stats cap update IV
– Mage stats cap boosted from 255 to 260 (+5)
– Druid stats cap boosted from 255 to 265 (+10)
– Barbarian intelligence cap reduced from 60 to 50 (-10)

– Several bug fixes (webshard, etc.)

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