Updates 9.11.

By , d. 10. November, 2013

– Lustrous Aura (Law rite) is now personal; AOE removed, stamina regeneration fixed
– Sylvan Silence (Nature rite) has been fixed, it now works vs. the members of Tekstone
– All classes (Priests, Knights, Rangers and Monks) have identical piety timers
– Rite resistance bonus of 40 piety Knights/Rangers has been reduced to 40%
– Casting requirement of Malleus and Keening has been boosted

– Tinkers can now merge jewellery to crafted leather gorgets
– A bonus has been added to GM camping (100% or more skill)
– 3 new mobs have been created and spawned
– You can now change skills in heighten class by saying “I want to reconsider my heightened skills” to your class GM.

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