Spider Dungeon

By Vulcan - 25. May, 2020

An enormous electrical storm filled Ilshenar’s sky last night. Early scout reports indicate that the energy was released from the ground in what seems to be a vile enemy attack, but their goal is still unknown. The expedition to find its origin was cut short by poisonous giant spiders. The place seems to have been […]

The Lovely Serpent reopened

By - 27. February, 2014

The opening night of the Lovely Serpent went smoothly, very few drunken interruptions at least. The ale was flowing, smokes were smoked, and even old enemies sat down for a pint together without any swords drawn. The entertainment was as good as anyone can remember: we had dancers,  singers and even some lawyers and their limericks on […]

Double Gain Weekend!!

By - 11. February, 2014

Starting Friday the 14th and ending Sunday evening the 16th.

Mayor system update!

By - 9. February, 2014

Religion HP’s can now appoint Mayors of the towns they own. The mayor must own/co-own a house in the city and must not be in a religion. Mayors can (currently): Set the taxrate – between 0 and 10%, limited to 1 use a month. The max tax a house can be required to pay is […]

The current status!

By - 12. November, 2013

Well it’s been a busy month for the staff and Pangaea…you have much to look forward to! We are currently are focused on the following; – The new mayor system -Revising the loot system -Replacing / Reviewing current dungeons – Covetous is currently under testing and possibly revision – there will be hidden secrets…! -New […]

Updates 9.11.

By - 10. November, 2013

Religions: – Lustrous Aura (Law rite) is now personal; AOE removed, stamina regeneration fixed – Sylvan Silence (Nature rite) has been fixed, it now works vs. the members of Tekstone – All classes (Priests, Knights, Rangers and Monks) have identical piety timers – Rite resistance bonus of 40 piety Knights/Rangers has been reduced to 40% […]

House taxes are now mandatory

By - 26. August, 2013

You can no longer refresh your house if you owe taxes. This means that you have to pay your taxes at least every 90 days in order for your house to not decay. This change is a part of the upcoming mayor system.

New hunting grounds opened and other updates!

By - 18. August, 2013

One of the biggest projects for this year is the opening of Ice (lv2), or in our terms “Ice World” as it’s so big. Neon worked with the map for months, it’s now complete and bug free. All others were responsible for spawning, decorating and adding new stuff. It’s literally a massive hunting ground, that’s […]

New scripter hired!

By - 27. May, 2013

Kevin has been granted access to the shard and he will be scripting for us in the future. He has a long and convincing background as a POL developer – making his skills and knowledge invaluable for us.

Account creation fixed

By - 22. April, 2013

Account creation has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.